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MINIMUM WAGE: Branstad Says He Hasn’t Ruled Out A Raise

Posted on: 8:34 pm, January 19, 2014, by

Governor Terry Branstad said he is not ruling out raising the state’s minimum wage.

Branstad’s Democratic challenger Senator Jack Hatch said he wants to hike up the minimum wage to just over $10 an hour.  Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Harkin is pushing the same rate on the national level.

Branstad said Sunday morning on the Insiders why he isn’t saying no just yet.

“I’m not going to make a decision until I see it.  I understand that a lot of people in the House of Representatives do not share the view that Senator Hatch has.

Republican House Speaker Kraig Paulsen said he hasn’t said no to the idea yet, either.  But other Republicans have said raising the minimum wage could hurt businesses and cost jobs.

Governor Branstad is back at the statehouse after spending four days last week on his reelection tour.  Branstad’s Building Iowa’s Future tour ended Saturday in western Iowa.

The governor made his official announcement that he will be pursuing an unprecedented sixth term in office last week.


  • Somebody better be doing something here & quick.
    Cause all there is left is Retail/Fast Food.
    Congress/Company’s made sure of that, by sending our manufacturing jobs over-seas.

  • Of course Gov. Branstad and Iowa House Speaker Paulsen won’t rule out raising the minimum. At the very least, they’ll wait until the polls close on election day to do that.

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