PUDDLE PROBLEMS: A Dangerous Drink For Dogs

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These dogs didn't mind a little mud as they ran through puddles, but vets say those puddles can pose some serious problems.

“It's warm for the first time in a while. Everybody gets thirsty; especially dogs and puddles are a big attraction," said Vet technician Andrea Countryman.

"And in those puddles is whatever has been thrown out, anything from ice melt to antifreeze, all sorts of things that you can never be sure of what's in a puddle," she said.

Countryman said the most common problem is animals getting it on their skin, but if they ingest enough of it, they could die.

Countryman said owners should try to avoid puddles and if their dog does get wet, to wipe the dog down before getting home.

While chemicals are the number one concern during this time of year, Countryman said it's best for owners to avoid puddles as much as possible all year round.

“I would say drinking from puddles is never safe. There's a lot of insects that like to lay their eggs in water so you have a potential for your dog to ingest larva that way and certainly a lot of diseases are transmitted that way also," Countryman said.

Some signs that your dog may have drunk from a contaminated puddle include digestion problems and lethargy. If you think your dog experiences these symptoms experts say you should bring your dog to the vet immediately.

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