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WARMER WEATHER: Iowans Get Break From Cold

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After spending much of last week cooped up inside, Sunday's weather gave us all a much-needed break from the cold.  But you'll be cranking up the thermostat again this week.

On a sunny day in the 40’s, the remnants of last week`s surprise snow storm are melting.

“I better wash it now,” said Andrew Harden about his truck.

His work truck has taken a beating from the salt on the roads to driving out in the fields for his tree service business.

“It's kind of embarrassing because my buddies are always like, ‘Oh, you have a nice truck.  I'm like, it's a lot prettier when it's clean,” he said.

Harden isn't the only one who waited for the warmer weather to hit the car wash.

“People just think it's nice out.  They want to wash their vehicles,” said Joe Paterno at Ultimate Auto Wash on Army Post Road.

All four self-service bays were full.

“Nope, I'm not complaining,” Paterno said.

Neither is Zen Palmer.  He and his family made their second trip to the Riverwalk dog park this year.  The bitter cold has kept him cooped up in the house and his four-year-old lab in the backyard.

“Gives the dog exercise, gives us exercise.  This place is huge.  A lot bigger than the back yard,” said Ross Palmer.

They’re enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures while they last.

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