HAZMAT CALL: One Killed, Two Injured In Sully

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One man is dead and two others were injured when they were overcome by fumes of some sort at a Jasper County truck wash.

Emergency crews were called to the Sully Truck Wash at 10683 Highway F62 just west of Sully a little after noon Tuesday. The caller said three people were passed out inside of a tank trailer.

Fred Scaletta of the Iowa Department of Corrections says two of the men who were affected were inmates at the Newton Correctional Facility participating in a work detail. One of the inmates died and another is receiving treatment. Two other inmates on the work detail were not injured.

A third man at the truck wash was also overcome by the fumes.

Jasper County Sheriff John Halferty says one of the men was flown by air ambulance to the hospital. The other two men were transported to local hospitals. The condition of the two surviving men has not been made available.

Members of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and fire departments from Sully, Lynnville, Kellogg, and Monroe responded to the hazmat call. Newton Fire and Haz Mat also assisted.

Investigators are still looking into what substance caused the workers to be overcome.


  • Timmys smile

    Why is the state putting inmates at risk? If I was a family member of any of the men I’d be calling my lawyer and suing the state until the cows come home.

    • Bob

      Your comment is the dumbest comment I ever read anywhere. They were on work release at a truck wash. I guess we should close all truck washes everywhere becasue all of their employees are constantly at risk. Wait, maybe we should close every business everywhere and shut down everything since people everywhere could be at risk. We should all stay inside and hide. Also, last I knew, inmates lose their rights to make free choices as soon as they are convicted of a crime. This sounds like a tragic accident to me, nothing more.

  • William Denison

    Why are those jobs not being done by people who don’t break laws and need work? Why does this truck wash get cheap or free labor? Some will say those in jail need work. I say you did the crime you do the time. It cost tax payers alot money to load these guys up in a state vans,fill the vans with gas and cover with insurance, hire a state workers to drive and baby sit the inmate workers at the job site. Add up all the cost and ya really have to wonder what Terry Branstad is thinking. He really does love the prison corporation system here in Iowa.

    • Mike Cee

      Work release programs give inmates an opportunity to learn some job skills and responsibility as they begin to integrate back into society. The menial tasks performed by the work release inmates are jobs that few want and fewer yet will do.

      It costs taxpayers even more when the inmates exit the facility with no skills and no change in the behavior that put them there in the first place. They don’t stand a chance of making it in society, and without some sort of transition and retraining they simply become institutionalized.

  • William Denison

    Now I know why Terry Branstads war on weed is so out dated and harsh. He needs workers to cut grass in state parks and people to wash out trucks etc.

  • John Doe

    I travel that area quite often. In fact I have seen them being transported from Newton. The interesting thing is that I never once saw them in a government funded vehicle. So why all the distress? Don’t you have your own business to mind? Don’t act like you know everything if you really don’t.

  • jeremy gurney

    I was an inmate at newton realease center…and i use to work at sully truck wash…i worked there 2 yrs…every job has its hazzards and being an ex employee there..i believe it was a accident…ive been in them tankers for hours…it was my job and i did it…same as being in a trailor that the pig urine smells like ammonia…the owners of the truck wash would never jeoperdize the life of anyone…

  • leslie john

    I was in Newton Correctional the state doesn’t transport prisoners back and forth to work. The company they work for transports them. A lot of the jobs they do are jobs that no one else will do. Its to bad this happened I know the man who passed. I guess you have to give the guys credit for wanting to work, they could lay around all day and say they are to good to do that kind of work, for sixtythree cents an hour

  • people r stupid

    Obviously people r stupid. . The truck wash pays approximately twelve dollars an hour to which the inmate gets to keep 1.80 per hour the same to fines and if they got child support two an hour goes to that the state keeps the rest . So if u have no children the state makes eight dollars and forty cents per hour for that inmate working and six forty for ones with kids. .. inmates working outside the person is very profitable for the prison or they wouldn’t do it . In fact newton is privately owned and not state that’s why it is a correctional facility not a penetentiary !!! Places like truck wash hire imates to avoid paying things like workmans comp..unemployment insurance. Its profitable to both !!! Expecially places that hire twenty plus at same place. …

  • people r stupid

    I myself have also did multiple years sometimes making only thirty cents an hour… I had next to no training forced to work in hazardous and unsanitary conditions and if not then suffer consequences. … I make twenty foue dollars an hour now and don’t risk my life !!!!

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