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PRECINCT CAUCUSES: Election Season Kicks-Off

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Iowa Democrats and Republicans kicked off election season Tuesday evening.

Roosevelt High School was full of Democrats willing to give their two-cents and kick off the 2014 political year.

“It`s important to come out because the only way we can make a difference in America is by participating in our political system and in Iowa the way to start is the caucuses.  Everybody has a vote, everybody has a voice so it`s very important to be here,” says Democrat Deborah Turner of Des Moines.

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan says the caucus is the ultimate grass roots event and helps prepare the parties platform that will be considered at the state convention.

“It`s a great time to get involved and it really is time for you to share your opinions,” says Brennan.

Local leaders also made it out to caucus. Sen. Matt McCoy addressed the crowd speaking about changing the states minimum wage and coming together as a party.

“This is our time to energize and start talking about the year ahead. Talk about how we`re going to organize, how we`re going to move forward, how we`re going to advance our ideas and become a stronger better party in the upcoming election,” says McCoy.

Over at North High School, 11 precincts represented some of Des Moines' Republicans.

At the caucuses activists elected delegates who will go onto represent that precinct at county conventions.

“It`s our job to elect people for our offices so we can get our agendas done in our state,” says Republican James Douglass of Des Moines.

Republican Chair A.J. Spiker talked about the open U.S. Senate seat in Iowa and the opportunity with some Congressional District Seats.

He also talked about the importance of getting involved and making your voice heard.

“I think it`s huge to be involved in the party politics at the local level because these are the people that really define what the party stands for and help elect leaders for years to come,” says Spiker.

There were 500 caucus meetings held across Iowa on Tuesday night.