VICIOUS DOG: City Considers Pit Bull’s Future

The dog is an unneutered male pit bull who can jump a fence, but that’s just the beginning.

“This dog does not like teenagers,” said West Des Moines city attorney, Jason Wittgraf.

He’s charged with biting at least three people in the last nine months; and his name is Killer.

“The kids thought that it was a cool name for the type of dog that he was,” said neighbor, Andrea Triana.

Triana spoke for Killer’s owners, Jorge Galvan and Reyna Tello who don’t speak English. They say Killer’s bites were provoked by neighborhood teens.

“They just know that he’s a pit bull,” Triana said, “and that he’s outside, and that his name is ‘Killer’ so they taunt him consistently.”

Another problem: Killer’s home is on a corner lot, where there is plenty of foot traffic, and his owners leave him alone outside for long stretches.

“He has been tortured since day one when they put the fence line up,” Triana said.

We asked her why it is they would keep the dog outside if he was being tortured.

“It’s not that they keep him outside on a constant basis,” Triana answered, “he, he likes to be outside.”

West Des Moines has the dog impounded, and the police and the city attorney agree on what should happen, next.

“There is more than sufficient evidence to find, one: that Killer is vicious, and two: that he must be euthanized,” Wittgraf said, soberly.

But Killer’s fate may not be sealed just yet.  The owners would like to turn the dog over to Furry Friends no-kill shelter in hopes of rehabilitating him and placing him elsewhere.

The shelter director is considering the request.

“I think that certainly this dog would need to be viewed with a lot of caution in terms of the placement that would be available,” said Britt Gagne of Furry Friends.

Furry Friends won’t try to work with a dog they consider dangerous, but will take a close look at Killer and make a decision.

West Des Moines will make its final ruling, Monday evening.


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