WEEKLY WORKOUT: 11 Worst Exercises

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You probably think you're doing your body good by going to the gym, but that's not always the case.  Doing the wrong exercises or doing them incorrectly can definitely do more harm than good.

Here's personal trainer Irene McCormick's list of the 11 worst exercises, with better alternatives in parentheses:

  • Seated hip machine (Squats or Lunges)
  • Crunches  (Planks)
  • Behind the neck lat pull-down  (Pull down in front instead)
  • Upright rows (Overhead press)
  • Triceps dips  (Triceps kickbacks)
  • Standing Chest Work with Dumbbells (Pushups or Bench press)
  • Weighted side bends  (Side planks)
  • Weighted back extensions (Planks again!)
  • Double leg raises (Planks again!)
  • Seated Leg Extensions  (Squats or Lunges)
  • Elliptical (Walk, Run, Play basketball, etc.use the elliptical only if you are injured)


  • Ron M. Peterson

    I’m 74 years old and had double rotator cuff surgery 10 years ago. I’m fit for my age, practice yoga daily and walk alot. I have a new fitness center membership and I am glad that your feature presented this advice. I wasn’t sure which exercises would be best for me, but this helps. Do you have any further suggestions for a routine based on my age and fitness level?

  • Pete Peterson

    I must say, as a trainer myself, her advice is quite misleading and lacks important information. I only agree with a couple items she addressed and disagree with the rest. Much completely incorrect advice which can be a big disservice to those viewing. I am actually rather irritated by this workout of the week. I have 27 years training experience with 20 of those years in a teaching capacity including group fitness as well as personal training. It’s not just Irene, there are others in the area who lack knowledge and hands on experience with a diverse clientele.

  • jessica

    I have to say, I was in the gym the day that this was filmed and was less then impressed with the lack of consideration for those of us in this gym on a daily bases. Not one word was spoken to any of us in the gym, NO “hello”, “excuse me”,”havegood day” or “thank you” used. I can tell you we treat each other and our individual workouts in this gym with respect and consideration and would expect NOTHING less from some who is considered public community figures, however thats exactly what we got.
    While I believe some of this content could have been valid, that was over shadowed by the fact that YOU showed people on the clip doing things “inaccurate” by your account without permission or regard as to how they may feel seeing this on you broadcast…tacky and disrespectful.

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