WEEKLY WORKOUT: 11 Worst Exercises

You probably think you’re doing your body good by going to the gym, but that’s not always the case.  Doing the wrong exercises or doing them incorrectly can definitely do more harm than good.

Here’s personal trainer Irene McCormick’s list of the 11 worst exercises, with better alternatives in parentheses:

  • Seated hip machine (Squats or Lunges)
  • Crunches  (Planks)
  • Behind the neck lat pull-down  (Pull down in front instead)
  • Upright rows (Overhead press)
  • Triceps dips  (Triceps kickbacks)
  • Standing Chest Work with Dumbbells (Pushups or Bench press)
  • Weighted side bends  (Side planks)
  • Weighted back extensions (Planks again!)
  • Double leg raises (Planks again!)
  • Seated Leg Extensions  (Squats or Lunges)
  • Elliptical (Walk, Run, Play basketball, etc.use the elliptical only if you are injured)


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