FOX HUNTING: Interest In Metro Secret Spikes

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One surprising fact we learned from The Today Show’s story on Des Moines is that it has its own fox hunting club.

The Moingona Hunt is run by David Sommers from his ranch just south of the metro in Cumming.

Sommers says the name of the sport is a little misleading. First of all, it’s more about horse riding than it is about hunting.

Second, their quarry is usually coyotes and the occasional fox and bobcat.

The group has 55 members, ranging from kids who mostly watch to riders in their 80's.

Since Thursday morning's segment aired, Sommers says the group’s website and Facebook page have exploded.

But he says he didn't go on The Today Show looking for publicity. He wanted to brag about the wonderful place he calls home.

"I know this is a fantastic place to live. I thought the Today Show producer did an excellent job of portraying the best side of Des Moines,” Sommers told Channel 13. "I have no problem with us becoming a very well-kept secret."

You can learn more about the club at


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