PATRIOTIC PRIDE: Rolfe Shows Off Sculpture

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An Iowa town is building off the success of its Freedom Rock.

Artist Ray “Bubba” Sorenson painted his second rock in Rolfe and it’s been a big draw.

“It’s went over very well…it’s brought a lot of people to town. ‘Course when they stop here they go to the convenience stores, the part store and the bank and everyplace else,” says resident Dan Allen.

Rolfe, Iowa is proud of its Freedom Rock. So brothers Dan and Roger Allen had an idea to add an American symbol — a life sized eagle.

The two crafted the bird from steel in their barn and mounted it nearby, overlooking the Freedom Rock from above.

The eagle was designed so it could move its head.

“The eagle turns…when it turns to the east it always turns its head, looks back at the Freedom Rock. When it goes west it turns it back, so it’s just another thing to draw some people to our hometown, “ says Allen.

The eagle is moved by the wind or manually.