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SUPER BOWL: Former ISU Assistants To Lead Out Teams

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Cyclone fans eagerly anticipating the Super Bowl will be able to watch two former employees at work.

Super Bowl XLVIII bound coaches Pete Carroll and John Fox both spent time as Iowa State assistants.

Carroll now at Seattle Seahawk was on the staff in 1978 and Denver Broncos head coach, Fox, was there in 1984.

Former Simpson head coach and current Dowling assistant, Jim Williams, was on both of those staffs.

Williams was an assistant for 10 years in Ames and he could see both Fox and Carroll had bright futures.

“They were both ambitious,” Williams says. “I think they both had goals and dealt with progressing themselves in their profession to become coordinators and head coaches.”

Williams is playing no favorites on Super Bowl Sunday. He said he's just going to kick back, relax and watch the game.