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CHILD NEGLECT: Mom Left Kids In Car For Two Minutes

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A Virginia woman is facing charges of child neglect after she left her children in a running car while she ran into a convenience store to grab candy, drinks, and cigarettes.

Twenty-five-year-old Lavita Brown told our sister station WTVR she was only inside the Wawa store in Chesterfield for about two minutes and she parked near the window, so she could keep an eye on her car.

As Brown left the store she was stopped by a police officer who noticed the kids, ages one and two, in the car. The officer questioned her and she was charged with two counts of misdemeanor child neglect.

“I wasn’t neglecting them. I didn’t mean any harm just by running in the store to get candy, drinks, and my cigarettes,” says Brown.

Brown says she’s learned a big lesson from the incident and will always take her kids inside the store with her.



  • Unreal

    So this woman walks away from her kids for 2 minutes, with them in sight, and is ticketed? The mother in Nebraska left her 2 year old in the car for 9 hours in below freezing temps and NOTHING happens? Everyone just says ‘she forgot’. I wonder if it would have been the same reaction if the child would have frozen to death? Been kidnapped? managed to strangle herself trying to get out of the car seat? Oh well, Mom just forgot. Shouldn’t there be some sort of consistency? Either it is ok to consider a car seat a competent daycare for your child, or it isn’t.

  • Amanda

    Is there something missing in this story??? Did she do anything else?? I cannot count how many times I’ve run into a convenience store to pay for gas or pick up bread while my child was in the car. This is simply rediculous. People do this everyday. You have your kid in the car and forget something in the house and run back into the house to get it. Do u unload your child and take them back in with you. Doubt it. God bless this woman and I pray that she will get past this and be with her children again. This is 100 percent wrong.

    • Nan

      Where does it say in the article that she lost custody of her children?

      I wonder if she locked the car? If not that would be a real no no as she probably couldn’t have prevented a car jacking and kid napping even if she was watching the children. Cars also jump out of gear or can slide on an icy parking lot.

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