EMAIL HARASSMENT: Judge Drops Charges


Harassment charges against a woman for sending threatening emails to a Des Moines public school employee were dropped Friday.

In October, 58-year-old Carol Tiernan-Williams was charged with third-degree harassment.

The charges stemmed from emails that she had sent to Amanda Easton, an investigator with the school district’s human resources department.

The messages were about the investigation and eventual firing of former Lincoln football coach Tom Mihalovich.

Easton claimed the emails made her fear for her and her family.

A judge dropped those charges and the no contact order against Tiernan-Williams Friday morning.


  • Diane Patchen (@DianePatchen)

    Maybe the judge needs to actually see someone murdered to take threats on a serious note? I think judges need to be educated on Internet harassment or dismiss themselves from cases involving such matters. The Internet is a dangerous place for mentally ill people to act out things they may not do in person. Laws need to be changed so these nuts are locked up. How can the judge possibly know this woman would not actually act out one of her threats? Is he a mind reader too? Idiot is what he is.

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