MOM ARRESTED: Toddlers Found In Dangerous Home

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While Marshalltown police were searching a home for stolen goods they found a lot more than they bargained for.

Two toddlers were found living in filthy and dangerous conditions.

Marshalltown police found the two toddlers, aged one and three, in a home on Stegman Boulevard.

Police say they also found meth pipes, a syringe and animal feces all over the place.

"They discovered that there were items of drug paraphernalia on the floor and on the table within easy reach of the one and three-year-olds. There was also food on plates that were on the floor next to animal feces in a children's bedroom," says Captain Michael Hankin with the Marshalltown Police.

Shelby Peak, the children’s mother, faces drug and child endangerment charges.

The children were taken away and then returned to Shelby's husband who lives in the filthy home with her.

"At this time there are no charges against Mr. Peak and so DHS considers him to be the uninvolved parent and so they try to keep the family dynamic together as much as they can," Captain Hankin explained.

Peak, 22, was also arrested in back September for child endangerment and domestic abuse. Her trial on those charges is set for March.


  • Rob n. hood

    speechless! Incredible family dynamic that will be…poor kids don’t stand a chance in life…or at least that life!

  • Justice

    He lived in the house but he is not involved? Are you kidding me? Yes, let’s keep this “family dynamic together as much as we can”… Certainly, we see no problem with that!!!

  • Dianna Ralston

    I’m not condoning or supporting this incident, but whoever wrote this article could not have gone to college for Journalism or English. In fact, I question they attended any formal education past 10th grade to write such a poor piece of literature that was actually supposedly proof read by an editor and published. Please people. There are hungry college graduates looking for a job in their field. Stop hiring friends and recruit some professionals.

    • Rick

      I’m not sure there was an editor involved in proof reading and approving this article. If there was an editor involved, two employees should be unemployed. How do so many errors in grammar can you have in one article. Horrible!!! It happens in most online articles these days. Sad.

      • Adam

        “How do so many errors in grammar can you have in one article.” Reread that one and get back to us about grammar.

  • K.

    That sure is one “dynamic” family dynamic. He was arrested for prior child endangerment and domestic abuse. Huh. Yep, that’s who I’d give the little ones to. And right back into the same house? Ugh. C’mon.

  • marcia K

    I think the person who made this choice should go live in that home with the children for their safety. Bet that wouldn’t last long.

  • Jessica

    The article says the kids were returned to the father, and then the father chose to move back in with the mom. My guess is that DHS simply closed the case too soon rather than making sure the changes they helped create were sustained.

  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    The Father is the uninvolved parent…. Why? Because he wasn’t at home at the time, and therefore the Mother is the given full responsibility for the conditions of the home? The Father lives in the same home, so the children are returned to him. Unreal! Who will be responsible when one or both of these children die because of the conditions they are being subjected to?

    • bill

      Anything the government is involved in f*cked up. Name one thing the government does that private industry could do better and cheaper.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Arrested the mother, took the kids away and then returned them to the same filthy conditions? So this was about punishing the mother not rescuing the children from unsafe conditions? That’s state child protective services for you.

  • Jim

    They let the father have them back? He is uninvolved in the incident, but he lives there? Really? He has to step over the same dog crap and drug paraphernalia as the cops and Children Services and he is not involved? These children will grow up to be just like mom and dad unless we find real parents for them. Obviously both these parents are on drugs because addicts hang out with addicts.

  • Justice

    Here is an excellent case why forced sterilization should be a part of laws in this country. These children should be taken away from these people and they should never be allowed to have any other children. I’m not a Hitler, however, I do have common sense.

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Justice… We cannot have forced sterilization because it would infringe upon the RIGHTS of these adults.

      What we MUST realize and provide,
      is for the “R I G H T S of C H I L D R E N “.

      We must recognize that the lives of children have as great, if not greater value than those of adults. People who deny children loving,safe, clean environments without neglect and abuse should be denied the right to have their children.

      We need a judicial system geared to the RIGHTS of children with lawyers, judges and legal representation that provide for the rights
      of children.
      Until we put the WELLBEING, EDUCATION, and SAFETY of our children first we will continue to live in a society filled with chaos & corruption.

      Our social services childrens protective services, is an absolute joke.
      HOW, can taking the children from a Mother in such a horrible environment, and then returning them to their Father in the same environment be of any benefit? There is NO common sense being used in this case what so ever.

      • Justice

        Sorry, Mary, but you just made my case. However, I do agree with your arguments. I think your and my reasoning is much closer than what you think.

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        Justice.. My point was and is, that adults have rights.. children don’t. We worry so much over adult rights that we fail to see the need to protect the innocent. Yep.. we are on the same page. There are those who do not deserve to be parents. Should be stripped of those rights.. Get drunk and drive.. get caught and lose four right to drive… same should be the case with having children.. If you aren’t fit to be a parent, then you should lose that right. I didn’t mean to come off sounding like I was putting your comment down… only pointing out that BY LAW… we can’t DO certain things because of peoples rights.. yet children do not have any rights… If people cannot properly care for the children they have by providing a clean safe environment, they sure don’t deserve to have the right to have children. Doesn’t mean people living in a cave or cabin with a dirt floor should not have the right to have children as long as the environment is safe, and they are loved and protected. The most primitive homes can be safe and loving environments.

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        Yes Sandy, Our system needs to CHANGE a lot of laws, but most of all we NEED LAWS MADE to protect our children, and the first thing that must be done to give children rights. The children in this instance were removed because they were in danger… YET, the RIGHT of the Father to have his children back in his care, even though they went right back to the same environment they were removed from shows the current laws provide for the right of an adult before the safety of the children.
        Unless we VALUE the lives of children and give children rights, they continue to be abused, neglected, endangered and murdered by those who should be providing for and protecting them.

  • Justice

    Frankly, I cannot believe that this ‘father’ of these two innocent babies has custody. Obviously he is also involved with these charges. How in the world could DHS give these babies up to him?

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Justice.. Parental rights, and the failure of the Department of Human Services Child Protective Services to properly do its’ job. Of course DHS will scream that their hands are tied… The LAW won’t permit… blah blah blah… CPS is the biggest joke there is in our government agencies.. When a child dies, 9 times out of 10 CPS has been involved but always swears it investigated and found no basis for a complaint. All Dad had to do was grab a trash bag and sweep everything off the table… sweep the floor and presto… no more danger to the kids. Never mind that the place will be in the same shape in two days. I am of the opinion when drugs are found in the home, or parents test dirty for drugs the kids need to be removed and not returned until such time as the danger no longer exists… I feel bad for the kids being removed, but better they should be in the care of people who will not expose them to dangers than parents who simply do not care… And any parents who are doing drugs is putting there insane wants before the needs of their child.

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