MOM ARRESTED: Toddlers Found In Dangerous Home

While Marshalltown police were searching a home for stolen goods they found a lot more than they bargained for.

Two toddlers were found living in filthy and dangerous conditions.

Marshalltown police found the two toddlers, aged one and three, in a home on Stegman Boulevard.

Police say they also found meth pipes, a syringe and animal feces all over the place.

“They discovered that there were items of drug paraphernalia on the floor and on the table within easy reach of the one and three-year-olds. There was also food on plates that were on the floor next to animal feces in a children’s bedroom,” says Captain Michael Hankin with the Marshalltown Police.

Shelby Peak, the children’s mother, faces drug and child endangerment charges.

The children were taken away and then returned to Shelby’s husband who lives in the filthy home with her.

“At this time there are no charges against Mr. Peak and so DHS considers him to be the uninvolved parent and so they try to keep the family dynamic together as much as they can,” Captain Hankin explained.

Peak, 22, was also arrested in back September for child endangerment and domestic abuse. Her trial on those charges is set for March.


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