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VICTIMS NAMED: Sully Truck Wash Death

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Authorities have released the names of the men who passed out at a Jasper County truck wash earlier this week — including the man who died.

Twenty-six-year-old Willie Mercer was cleaning out a tanker at the Sully Truck Wash. He and two other men breathed in fumes and were unconscious when rescuers got to them. Mercer, a prison inmate from Linn County, was killed.

Another inmate, 36-year-old Justin Hurdel of Webster County survived.

A third employee, who was not an inmate, was also hurt.

Mercer and Hurdel were among four inmates from the Newton Correctional Facility that were on work detail at the truck stop. Both men had been serving time on burglary convictions.

Authorities haven’t revealed what sort of substance created those fumes.