JUVENILE HOME: Closed Home Airs Grievances

After the Disability Rights Iowa’s investigation found teenage girls had spent months in isolation rooms, the nonprofit reported its findings to the Department of Human Services, which runs the home.

On Saturday, the DRI held a meeting to allow former employees and supporters of the Toledo home speak.

DRI representatives said they maintain they only sent recommendation to the home. And when the juvenile home did not comply, they went to the media.

Advocates of the juvenile home say the DRI went public without telling the other side of the story, about the good things the home provides.

“Disability rights is at fault. Des Moines register is at fault for doing such a poor job of reporting all sides of the story,” said Tama County State Rep. Dean Fisher.

“I think DHS is at fault for not doing more with the Iowa juvenile home,” Fisher said.

The Executive Director of Disability Rights Iowa said the governor and the DHS are responsible for the home’s closure. However she said she would not support its reopening.


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