HEROIN DEATH: Supreme Court Overturns Conviction


The US Supreme Court says an Iowa drug dealer was wrongfully convicted of causing an overdose death.

In 2011, Marcus Burrage was convicted of distribution of heroin causing death and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

The 27-year-old was charged with selling heroin to Joshua Banka who later overdosed and died in Nevada.

During Burrage’s trial, medical experts testified that the heroin he sold contributed to Banka’s death along with an assortment of other drugs.

Burrage’s attorney argued since the heroin he sold wasn’t the sole cause of the fatal overdose he couldn’t be convicted of causing Banka’s death.

The US Supreme court agreed and threw out that conviction.

Burrage’s conviction for distributing heroin still stands and he remains in prison.

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  • don

    they don’t send gun makers to prison for selling guns. granted the man needs to be in jail. but the fact remains he did not make the person take it.

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