KILLER DECISION: Pit Bull Ruled ‘Vicious’

A West Des Moines pit bull is accused of biting at least three teens in the last nine months.

Monday, the city ruled on a recommendation to have the dog declared “vicious” and likely euthanized.

He was never neutered and never given obedience training.  His owners named him “Killer” and kept him outside where he became a target for neighborhood teens.

“They just know that he`s a pit bull,” said Andrea Triana, who spoke for the dog’s owners who don’t know English, “and that he`s outside, and that his name is `Killer` so they taunt him.”

The West Des Moines City Council agreed Killer had the chips stacked against him.

“That`s not the dog`s fault,” said councilman, Rick Messerschmidt, “that`s the fault of the owners of the dog.”

But blame was immaterial.  All the council could do now, was vote on whether the administrative law judge who ruled on the case was right in finding the dog “vicious.”

The vote was a unanimous “yes” but brought little closure.

“I think that he`s considered a burden to them,” Triana lamented, “and they just want to let it go.”

Killer`s owners don’t have to let this decision go.  They`re considering an appeal to district court.

“I think they need to take a couple days to kind of talk about it a little bit more,” Triana said. “I need to get some advice from other officials that might be able to help.”

Furry Friends no-kill shelter would attempt to rehabilitate Killer, if the district court judge would allow it.

“We can`t provide any sort of 100% guarantee,” said director, Britt Gagne, “this is a living animal, but we`re certainly willing to try.”

The appeal would require a good lawyer.  Even a rehabilitated Killer would need a very special home.  Odds that have always been against him, don`t seem to have improved.


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