PRESIDENT’S SPEECH: Drake Students React

A bipartisan group of Drake students watched the State of the Union address together.

Three campus groups – Drake Democrats, the College Republicans, and the Young Libertarians came together on campus to take in the President’s speech.  Many of them will discuss the speech in their political science classes, Wednesday.

As for their thoughts on the speech, some liberals were left wanting more, while others liked what they heard.

“We think, at Drake, it’s better to have people come together even to argue because we might convince someone of your way,” student, Raymond Starks explained. “What I really like about the speech was that Obama started to have a message that was coherently more pro-business, more lower taxes for small business and better for employees.”

“What I really did not care for was that we were promised a lot more attention on immigration reform and I don’t feel like he touched on that quite as much we had anticipated,” Bri Steirer said.

Cohorts of Drake students have been watching the State of the Union speech together in Meredith Hall for decades.


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