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AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill Passes House

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The House passed the farm bill conference report on Wednesday morning, which came out of the conference committee on Monday. But a piece of Iowa Congressman Steve King's addition to the bill was missing.

King's amendment is aimed a 2008 ballot initiative from California, passed into law in 2010. That law would allow California to turn away imports of eggs from other states whose production standards don't meet California's. Without King's amendment, the California law takes effect on January 1, 2015.

Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey says that could be a problem for Iowa, the nation's biggest egg-producing state.

"So what we're talking about is a lot of eggs from Iowa that normally go to California. That may be determined by Californians to not be legal next year." Northey says, "We could end up with lower prices away from California. High prices in California doing nobody any good."

The farm bill conference report now heads to a vote before the full Senate.

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