AGRIBUSINESS: Propane Shortage Could Resurface Next Winter

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Subzero temperatures have ranchers warming up their livestock, bringing a high demand for propane and a shortage of it all around the Midwest.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said many farmers have been short-filling; meaning instead of filling up their propane tanks, they are only buying partial amounts.  Northey said he thinks that’s a good move because farmers just need to get through the winter.

But the propane problems from this year could become more common.  Northey said a major pipeline that comes through Iowa will be reversed next year and will start hauling  different petroleum product up to Canada.

“There’s a lot of conversation about what we need to do in place of that,” Northey said.

“But it’s a pipeline that kind of feeds northeast Iowa, Minnesota, a significant part of the region here that might impact us as well,” he said.

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