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DREAM GAME: Basketball In Teen’s Bones

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Collins-Maxwell Baxter’s Jessica Hiney circled senior night on her calendar when she was just a freshman.

Jessica Hiney isn`t used to the spotlight but she`s always imagined this day. “I love basketball. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little kid,” Jessica said.

Her friends call her caring. Her coach says she`s second to none.

“I had the pleasure of being her coach for three years. She would do anything. Without question, the best manager I ever had,” former basketball coach Eric Padget recalled.

It`s who she is - always putting others before herself.

“She has been manager of all sports since she was in elementary,” mom Shelley Hiney explained. “Just wanted to be a part of it.”

“I actually wanted to be a pro basketball player when I was younger but then I figured out that wasn`t possible,” Jesscia said.

Basketball is in Jessica’s bones, unfortunately he bones aren`t into basketball. She was born with brittle bone disease, a condition that has caused 30 breaks, countless surgeries and a fused spine.

“It just means that I have weaker bones then most kids so basketball is kind of out of the question. It`s never really held me back from anything else,” Jessica said.

Jessica never let this define her. She was crowned homecoming queen and excels in the classroom. But something was always missing.

“She was crying she was so happy that she found out she was able to play, and she`s been talking about it forever,” friend Stephanie Struthers said.

Maybe the spotlight wasn`t meant for her, but to get it once is pretty awesome.

“I was crying, imagine that. I was so happy. Dreaming as a kid and I finally got to play.”


  • Marissa

    As a teacher at Baxter High School, I can say full-heartedly Jessica Hiney is going to be missed when she graduates. She is an all around amazing student, participant, and role model. She exemplifies what people should strive to be. I am so happy for her and am so proud of what she has accomplished. From everyone at Baxter, we love you and are so proud of you!

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