FEDERAL TAXES: Same Sex Couples Excited To File

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The tax deadline is still months away, but for some Iowans, April 15th couldn’t' get here fast enough.

The process of filing taxes can be a headache but for one couple it's a welcomed task.

“Usually filing taxes is not something you`re looking forward to this year we`re really looking forward to it,” says Donna Red Wing of Des Moines.

Red Wing and her wife Sumitra are recognized by the State of Iowa and now the federal government as a married couple.

“I`m excited and like she said who gets excited about doing taxes,” says Sumitra Red Wing.

Since the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned this summer, same-sex couples are given all the rights as heterosexual married couples including filing taxes jointly.

“It makes life much simpler, for me, for them.  It helps keep their fees down in a lot of cases because you`re not doing a bunch of re-calculations, so this year should be much simpler for couples in same gender marriages,” says Accountant Jason Dinesen of Dinesen Tax and Accounting.

Dinesen says the only downside is sometimes couples that file jointly get hit with the so-called "marriage penalty" but it's a risk the Red Wing’s are willing to take.

“We don`t know whether we`re going to pay more or pay less but we really don`t care it`s about being treated just like everybody else,” says Donna Red Wing.

They say checking one small box never meant so much.

“Emotionally to be able to say that we`re married, to be able to have this 27 year relationship recognized is much more important to us then the benefits,” says Donna Red Wing.

Same sex couples can also amend their federal taxes if they were married but had to file individually.

You can go back three years when amending your taxes and could receive a refund.


  • Mike Cee

    I’m not sure why this is even newsworthy, unless WHO is promoting an agenda instead of reporting real news.

  • L

    I think this is newsworthy because it reminds those couples they now qualify to be able to file a joint tax return, stations do these types of stories every year from now until tax deadline. It is also note worthy because it is a story about the playing field becoming more equal for couples across Iowa and the nation. There is so much straight couples take for granted.

  • Brian

    Yeah, not newsworthy at all. Just the media pushing an agenda… again. The spin in the wording of this story is obvious.

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