DRUG TREATMENT: Questions Over Method

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Nathan Hardage admits he was a drug dealer and a drug addict.  That's why he calls himself "The Wounded Healer."

He claims his unconventional approach to re-habilitation has a success rate of 88-percent.

“In order to truly help someone you need to dig into their life, you gotta walk with them.  You gotta be right beside them.”

Hardage says he's beside his clients 24-7, at least during the initial, in-patient phase of drug treatment.

"I actually have rooms in my homes where they’re dedicated for detox and they’re dedicated for therapy, they’re dedicated for counseling," the 33-year old told us.

We visited one of his homes in Lee's Summit, a suburb of Kansas City.

“This is where we have the family come.  We’ll do an intervention or family therapy," Hardage said showing us the living room.

"It’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, honestly," said Max O'Neill, one of three clients living in Hardage's home at the time of our visit.

O'Neill, 23 says he started using opiates like heroin, pain killers and morphine five years ago.  He turned to Hardage nearly a year ago, after a failed attempt at a treatment at a facility in California.

"It was just like I was another number to them, really."

O'Neill says here, he gets one on one time with Hardage.  He refers to Hardage as his mentor and friend.  In addition to what he calls "reflection time," O'Neill says he spends his days reading, watching movies and running errands with Hardage and his 8-year-old son.

Hardage says O'Neill is on a successful path, even though he's relapsed multiple times.  On the day of our visit, O'Neill told us it was his seventh day sober.

Kimberly Stephens, also a client, told us she was on day ten of sobriety.

"There’s still anxiety, but in terms of how I feel, my body has probably not felt healthier in a very long time," said Stephens.

Her drug of choice was alcohol.  She says she entered the program on December 31, 2013.

"I can honestly say he saved my life."

Where Hardage goes, she goes.

"We’re with Nathan 24-7," said Stephens.  "If he has a client that has a need in Colorado, we go to Colorado... We load up and we go to Iowa."

That's where Tana Kelce met Hardage.

"I was looking at burying my son because he couldn't stop on his own," said Kelce.

She met Hardage through a mutual friend.

"He said he could help my son."

Hardage told Mel and Teresa Armstrong, who live in Urbandale, the same thing.

"He agreed to take my son, with no payment up front because he said he was in it to help the boys.  It wasn’t about the money."

At least it wasn't about the money right away.  It wasn't long and Hardage asked for a "down payment."  Teresa's parents wrote him a check for $5,000.  A few weeks later, he asked them to sign a contract requesting payment of $25,000.

Kelce wasn't asked to sign a contract, but she did pay Hardage $3,000.  She says at first, it appeared the treatment was worth every penny.

"He was smiling - I saw my child again.  So, I thought everything was going great.”

Kelce took heart in her son, Kaleb's posts on Hardage's Facebook page.  The comments centered on Kaleb's sobriety and his new-found belief in God.  Kelce raved about Hardage every chance she got.  She even contacted celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres in an attempt to raise money for Hardage.

But then she received a text from her son.

"My son told me that Nathan assaulted him and had been arrested."

Hardage denies he assaulted Kelce's son.

"He was actually going through some really bad withdrawals one day.  I was holding him accountable," said Hardage.  "He kind of freaked out so I restrained him."

But the alleged assault wasn't Kelce's only concern.

"Kaleb has not told me the very first week he was with Nathan, Nathan had him around people who were smoking pot, right in front of him."

Kelce and the Armstrongs say Hardage also allowed their sons to drink alcohol.

When asked he allows his clients to drink, Hardage said, "Not really, no.  I allow them to make a decision on whether they want to drink or not."

Hardage says exposing his clients to pot is part of what he calls "exposure therapy."

“Right now, in Colorado marijuana is legal.  You go into a place, people are smoking marijuana.  Do I take them in there, yeah, I do.  Yeah I take them in there and I make them watch."

Jeffrey Gronstal, a Health Facilities Officer with the Iowa Department of Health, which licenses substance abuse programs, says Hardage's treatment program is not only unconventional, it's "scary."

"I’m not sure what exposure therapy means, in terms of a clinical approach to treatment."

Gronstal says the program may also be illegal.

"If you’re going to offer a substance abuse program, you have to be licensed."

Hardage admits he doesn't have a license or an education in substance abuse therapy.  He says his experience as an addict makes him qualified to counsel other addicts.

"Yeah, there are people who are skeptical.  I’ve been accused of being a drug dealer.  I’ve been accused of being a fraud and that’s fine, that’s fine and dandy, but they’re not hurtin’ me.  They’re hurting the person who needs help.”

Kelce and the Armstrongs say Hardage is hurting those who need help - and their families.  Remember Hardage's promise about being with clients 24-7?  Kelce and the Armstrongs pulled their sons out of the program when they found out Hardage had put them up in hotel rooms - alone.

"I have been through everything with my son, to the point I have slept by his bed to make sure he was okay when he was going through detox," said Teresa Armstrong.  "He's taking advantage of desperate people."

"I’m embarrassed, I feel like I was foolish.  I feel like I have harmed my son again," said Kelce as her eyes welled up with tears.  "And all I was trying to do was save his life."

A Sidenote:  The day this story aired, Kimberly Stephens contacted us to say she'd left "The Wounded Healer" program.  She called it a "complete facade."  She told us Hardage left her home alone for hours at a time, took her to bars, where he and his girlfriend drank and forced her to write letters to her family, praising the treatment.

Stephens says the treatment consisted primarily of watching TV and reading.  She believes her family paid $15,000 for the 27-days she spent in the program.

The Iowa Department of Health is now investigating at least one complaint against Hardage.  Jeffrey Gronstal says in cases like this, a cease and desist letter is sent to the program operators.  If they continue to operate without a license, criminal charges can be filed.

There are more than a hundred licensed substance abuse programs in Iowa.  You can find a list of them here.


  • Rick

    This guy is the biggest lowlife walking the earth, I have seen him drink alcohol in front of clients. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. He tells people he is half Egyptian and half Korean but he grew up in a “rough” neighborhood? He even keeps his own kid around drug addicts!!!

    He is a scam artist pure and simple who preys in desperate people.

    • RoccoG

      Blacks are always claiming to be “Egyptian” as to prove some type of lineage back to the ancient Egypt….pyramids…etc.
      Comical at best when they do that.

    • Margret

      Rick, this man that you call a scam artist saved my son’s life. You guys are all friends on here and it seems like you guys have developed a deep hatred for the man called “Nathan”. Though he has no certifications or licensing in Iowa, he still did a good job for me and my family. He has helped hundreds of people get better. Does his program work for everyone? No, I would not think it does. What program works for everyone. My bet is that you don’t even know him because if you did, then you will know that to those of us that do, your words mean nothing. He is a great man with a great personality. He will give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger. I have read this thread and there is no evidence to support any of the claims. Just know that he has great people in his corner that will support him until the end. He does what he says he will do and that is what matters. You guys are all low lifes to question that..

      • Tony

        He “may” have saved your son’s life but there just isn’t any evidence of that. It can’t be proven in a court madam. What “hundreds” of people has he “helped”? This can’t be proven.

        Again, this is not a fact. Its just what Mr. Hardage says. I’d be thinking he would be telling this to the whole world? Yet he stays silent.

        I know he has a reputation to protect. But who wouldn’t when its based on lies, deception, and misdirection? Its a shame because this lie can’t go on forever. Yet he stays silent. He uses others as his “voice” only because he truly is too much of a coward to defend himself. Like a little turtle he has buried his head and uses others.

        I know Nathan Hardage would give the shirt off his back. But only because he had someone else buy it for him or he stole it. LITERALLLY. Creeps like him do that to build and gain confidence in his sincerity.

        That’s how scams work best. Thieves normally don’t say they will steal from you. Has anyone noticed that he has not once used his own name to defend himself? Yet all these “personas” are here to defend him.

        Only the lost, brainwashed, and deceived would defend him. People like you is why he laughs all the way to the bank.

        Mr. Hardage. The witness stand is yours. DEFEND YOURSELF. Stop hiding behind other names and emails and be the MAN you claim to be.

        Lets not kid ourselves. He reads every post.

      • Margret

        My goodness! Why cant someone have anything positive to say about him? You sound really jealous of him.. if and when he ever goes to any courtroom to defend his actions… We will be there with him. I guarantee the people like us will out number the people like you. oh yeah… There is evidence. Every morning that my son wakes up and takes a breath….And he is not the only one. You are blinded by your ignorance, so spare me your unwelcomed comments. From your comments it is like you are the one hiding behind a name that isn’t your own. Is it that hard for you that he has people that back him? That he has REAL people that he has helped? You are spending so much time trying to down him that you give your self away…. We have a idea who you are…Maybe you need to be the man. He doesn’t need to get on here and defend himself. He has plenty of people that will do it for him. I can promise you this… If he were to go to court… He would win, because you guys have nothing… He has everything….you are jealous. I think since this story aired… it has been almost a month… and even before then, there has been no charges filed. I am thinking because of maybe… say false allegations… I know for a fact that he doesn’t get on here and read this.. He does not waste his time with negativity or negative people like you. My son is beautiful and he is doing really well. I did not get on here to attack anyone.. I got on here to add some positivity to this story. My son is doing really well. That is what is important to us…

      • Margret

        I almost forgot.. It looks like one of the people in this story have already came clean. if you see the side note in the story.. Mrs. Stephens. Yeah.. As I said, credibility. Think about it.

      • Tony

        This is absolutely the reason I know Mr Hardage DOES read this. Because he is too stupid to know how to form a paragraph. Its called a run-on sentence.

        Nearly all of Mr. Hardage’s “defenders” write in the exact same manner. Use the same arguments, same diction (should have paid attention in JUCO or Southern Georgia you borderline illiterate jackhole) and defenses.

        Sad when you have to make up non-existent people to say how “great” you are.

        Only a FOOL would believe the person featured in a story would NOT look at the comments. Oh poor Nathan. Not even man enough to defend yourself.

      • Margret

        95 percent of people that write in this thread have run on sentences. You creep.. you are so jealous and paranoid that everyone is Nathan. Margiesinger@embarqmail.com. If you want to know, I have 3 email accounts. Personal, PT business and school. I am not feeding into your paranoid notions. Just look at the facts Sherlock Holmes. There has not been any charges filed against him. There is no need to attack me and accuse me of being Nathan because I can promise you that I am not. I live way in Colorado dork.

      • Donnie

        Margret please don’t waste your time. One cant have innocent conversation because the paranoid people think everyone is Nathan. They have no idea, but don’t explain yourself. They just don’t want the truth to get out.

  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    Not the type of program I would want to place any member of my family or friends in.

    Thank You for providing the list of approved programs in Iowa. I am frequently asked where to get help but until this list was published I had very little knowledge of available programs.

  • Lisa Anne McAninch Carlson

    This dude is still using drugs! He probably thinks he is being real cool and convincing in this interview, but he’s not fooling anyone who has been around the tables of recovering addicts and in every treatment center in Polk County, attended hundreds of AA 12 step meeting in Des Moines over the course of the last 30 years, HE is not clean.or sober. He’s using cocaine or opiates and probably alcohol at some point from the sounds of an earlier comment.. His body language, his skin/complexion and his dry lips along with his avoidance stanc and lack of expression as well as eye contact during this interview give him away. Even his breathing pattern during the sit down interview, while he was wringing his hands and not making eye contact, all signs of deception. What a fraud. I hope they throw him in jail.

    • Charles

      Lisa I have to agree with you being clean and sober over six years, it’s a shame that this is happening however it was only a matter of time since there are other (so called) clinics out there now charging big bucks for something that is FREE.. all a person has to do is follow those of us and they will find there is HOPE

    • C

      Lisa, I don’t know what to say…I have known you for a very long time and I know what you have gone through with your son. I myself have been a addict and I would have to say that what this guy is doing is a great thing. I am sure when you get into the financial details of business, then he is suppose to charge. There are people that could think either way, but I choose the side of reason. From the threads, it does not seem like he has done anything to try and criminalize him. I will speak for those that do know him, He does not use drugs, does not care to use drugs but cares for those deeply that have drug issues. He is very passionate and caring when it comes to helping people get out of bad situations. I know for a fact that he took these two immature, ignorant young men into his home and took care of them. When the dust settles and his attorney has done his work, then I would expect this to be a lesson to people that think that they can get away without paying a person for their work. Nathan, if you read this, please just go get a license before you choose to work with anyone in Iowa again. This is how Meth Addicts work. I warned you of that before but your heart is big so…I just want you to keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let ignorant people that have no clue of what you are doing stop you. There are a lot of people here in Iowa that support you. For all the comments on this thread that are against Nathan, try getting to know him and seeing some of the good stories about him. He has a lot of people that will say tremendous things about him and his program…

  • bob

    Maybe you should have listened to the people that warned you about this “wounded healer” from the beginning? I have seen this person go through his withdrawals first hand and he is not pleasant to be around in fact he is a immature instigator! through all of this I hope you have learned a valuable lesson about karma..Someone with a drug problem should seek the help of a licensed therapist and not be enabled by anyone and the end result hopefully is different as i have seen this first hand multiple times..Very sad. I wish the best to all of his victims,,

  • Tom

    I am actually one of the people that this guy has helped… I was actually with him while these two dudes were in the program. Honestly, He did help them and though his methods were a bit unconventional, he has done a lot for us. He houses us, he feeds us, and he tries to show us something more positive than being out in the streets. If you don’t know him, then how can you honestly say you know the whole situation. The two “kids” whom happen to be grown men actually are very manipulative and the way I see it, they didn’t want to pay. I really believe that this story was very one sided. You guys saying that you have seen this guy have a drink in public, your lying because he doesn’t operate like that. My name is Tom and I actually have been sober for 3 years now. The crazy part is, he had everything to do with it. This whole news story is stupid because if you really new him then you would probably have a different opinion. The two guys that came into his programs have been thrown out of 6 rehabs each. They both have physically abused their mother. They have done so to the point of the mother, Teresa having to get a new shoulder. I am just saying, its crazy how we treat people that are actually trying to help others. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am speaking first hand, He did a real good job with the peoples kids and he doesn’t use drugs.


    • Teresa Armstrong

      So you say your name is Tom huh? That’s funny, there were 5 individuals in the program when “these two dudes” otherwise known as Stephen and Kaleb were there, and “Tom” was not one of them. I’m sure WHO-TV can trace the IP address, curious to see if this comment came from Lee Summit MO.

      Another thing is Nathan was the only one who knew about my “new shoulder” Actually it was a torn bicep, 2 bone spurs and arthritis that was removed. Please get your details straight.

      Sincerely, Teresa Armstrong

      • BRIAN

        I agree, but I think that would need to be both ways… I think that everyone is accusing him of things they are doing. I mean, its sad but true. No one can be tracked by their IP address unless someone has a court subpoena. Even then its hard because there would have to be a crime that occurred like a death threat or something of that nature. There are privacy laws in which channel 13 has a obligation to abide by as well as any internet provider.


  • anonymous

    Hi, I am the sister of one of the ladies in the interview. I will say that Nathan really tried to help my family. He worked really hard with us and its funny how when he asked for money, they turned on him. I saw what he was able to do with my nephew and it was truly a blessing. I don’t care if he had a certification or not, there are many things that people with certifications couldn’t do with him. My nephew had been kicked out of every rehab for discipline reasons. I am just saying, my family and I really don’t talk. I know first hand that Nathan tried to help us. Some people cant be helped. I thought the world of Nathan and I still do. Its funny how my sister had enabled her son. She praised Nathan and his program right up until the end. I KNOW that Nathan saved his life. This breaks my heart to know that we are paying him back this way.

    • anonymous

      I too am one of the sisters of one of the ladies in the interview. Although, I have never met Nathan in person, I have had several conversations with him by phone. I found him to be a very caring, polite person that is really passionate about helping these individuals. I know for a fact that Nathan took the time to sit down with this family before he accepted my nephew into his program and explained in detail how he operates and what to expect. They praised him and even posted on f.b. about him. I heard several times from this family that Nathan helped my nephew in several ways and that they were so thankful that they had found Nathan. My nephew was really responding to the program! He looked and sounded good! My nephew has been in and out of treatment programs and has NEVER responded to treatment like he has with Nathan! I find it very disturbing that no concerns with Nathan or his program were ever brought up until Nathan asked for money. I won’t get into why Nathan asked for money, but he had a reason. I find that the interview was very one-sided and am truly disappointed! As I read some of the comments on here, I truly see the ignorance of people and feel sorry for them. I hope that Nathan can continue to run his treatment center to help those that truly need and appreciate what he is doing for them and their families. This program did not work for this family because they let their ignorance and selfishness get in the way. They are the ones that is hurting their son and Nathan. I think that Channel 13 needs to send out a reporter that is open minded and will truly show both sides of the story. One last question? Where are both of these young men at now? I know at least one of them is not at home.

      • Officer J

        The fact that one of the victims sisters, from the comments I would judge that it was Mel or Teresa Armstrong’s sister. The facts are, that she wrote the thread in reference to there being another spin on this story. If I was accusing someone of something and then my brother or sister whom is a part of my family came on and defended the other side? That tells us that there is more to this story that you guys are not telling people. It also says that the guy had a reason to ask for money. That he was a really polite guy and that he helped your son. Until there are facts to present themselves in this case I don’t believe any of It. You guys are on here trying to frame a guy off of perception and opinions. What facts do you have?

  • Officer J

    I guess if he was white, would this story be totally different? I have a few drug addicts in my family and honestly, they are all manipulators and my family are all enablers. I am a Des Moines Police officer and I looked online to see if I could find anything on this guy. I did not. He has a few speeding tickets. You guys should really think twice about throwing his race into this. I am not biased as I do think you need a degree for the situation. I did look at the Facebook page and I did see where the same people in the story praised him for his work. These guys were with him over 70 something days according to his facebook page. I think that if you are going to feed, house, and try to help two grown men, then you should be paid. I would want to be. I hear everyone blaming him for all this but he didn’t let the kids down, the parents did.

    Officer J

    • Teresa Armstrong

      Officer J ~ This has absolutely nothing to do with race. As a professional Des Moines Police officer, you should be the last one to bring up the race card. It has to do with standing up for what is right. My son was in the program for a total of 30 days. You tell me how a 90 day drug treatment program gets 7 days off for Thanksgiving and 9 days off for Christmas? I’m thinking $5000.00 for 30 days is a pretty good salary especially if the IRS is not aware.

      You are correct, we did let our boys down, by getting them involved in this program. Our goal now is to help others so they do not have to go through what we have been through. We are hoping others will come forward who have also dropped out of this program.

      I personally know of at least 4 police reports that have been filed within the last 35 days. You might want to do a nationwide search. I have a name of a great private detective if you are interested in learning more.

      Thank you for your comments and concern and I wish your family members well in their drug addiction recovery.


      The Armstrongs

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        Teresa Armstrong… Officer J is NOT the person who opened the door on the race of this individual. “Rick” first who brought to the attention of readers that Mr. Hardage is Black and claims to be of half Egyptian and half Korean heritage. Therefore, it would be Mr. Hardage who is calling attention to his racial heritage. Of course his heritage has nothing to do with “treatment” he offers, but rather informs readers that his facts MAY BE questionable. I see it as calling attention to ones self with the intent of making the person to be something extra special. I have stated.. “I am white with Black blood… Because my Grandchild is of my blood, and she is half Black I have Black blood”… By so stating, no matter how NUTZ the statement is, I am attempting to call special attention to my self, and by damn it works. Fact is, we are who we are no matter what our heritage… No need to announce we have certain heritage to recognized unless we feel the need to attempt to impress someone. I didn’t say this to impress anyone, but rather to make people who were bragging about their heritage realize announcing ones ethnic background is ridiculous.

        So I am saying this AGAIN.. “WE ARE WHO WE ARE NO MATTER WHAT OUR HERITAGE IS”. Color has no bearing on this, other than Mr. Hardage’s choice to bring out his claims of heritage… and I have no clue why or what THAT might have to do with his “treatment program” … Other than as has been suggested, the man may not be totally honest.

        Just don’t blame Officer J for the “racial card”. THAT, was played in the first comment made on this page.

      • Officer J

        I don’t believe that Nathan brought out the racial card either MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca. Someone accused him of saying that in the earlier comment. I cant continue to go off of people accusing people. I will however tell you that as I was reading the post last night, I saw a really open use of the Nword referring to Mr. Hardage. I was going to respond, but I chose not too.. I think that this whole story is diluted with lies and miscommunication. I don’t believe the guy is what they are making him out to be… With that said, I have nothing more to contribute to this thread. Its a waste of my time.

  • Kimberly Stephens

    My name is Kimberly Stephens and I am the person that is mentioned in this story. When I first met Nathan, I had no where to go or live. He allowed me to come into his home and have a place to stay. He made sure that me and my four kids were fed. I didn’t have any money so Nathan took none. I was drinking and I called and said some things that were not true. Nathan is a amazing person and its easy to say things about him that is not true. Nathan never took $15000 from my family. He never took me to a bar because I took myself there. I was asked to leave his program for reasons I wont specify and I became angry and bitter so I called Sonya. She asked me to call her if my situation changes. I am 38 years old and I am homeless. My family and friends will not allow me to stay with them. I don’t have a Job…. This program was my only option. Until I saw this report and heard with the reporter said, I realized that I was wrong for my actions and wanted to defend him a bit. The program did not work for me because I was not ready. I simply don’t want to stop drinking and I will leave that at that. He is a good guy. Sonja didn’t like him anyway so it was easy for her to do this story and to listen to someone like myself. the only person that I think about when I want to drink is myself. I hope that I can one day stop, but I have to want to. I am tired of living this way.. I am drinking today and I wish I had somewhere to go.. I guess I have burned all my bridges. I could have called Nathan, but I cant after what I have done.

    • anonymous

      You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you get the help you need. I hope your children get the help that they need.

    • Stella W

      Its ok Kim…I am sure that if you actually talked to him then he would understand and forgive you. That’s the type of person he is. My name is Stella and I am a ex-heroin Addict. Nathan helped me over 2 years ago. When I heard about this story, I wanted to just give my support to him because he does so much for so many people. Everyone that is getting on here and bashing him, you have no idea. My family didn’t have money to pay him either and he took it out of his own pocket. I was scared at first because people are so used to wanting something in return. We would go places and he never gave me alcohol but he would take me places so that I could learn how to be around people with alcohol. It really taught me how to be around a friend and not worry about drinking. I know his intentions were meant well and that he really cared for me and loved me. I don’t believe a cent of what this story says and I wont because I actually know him. To all those people out there that have no hope, then understand that he works with people that are hopeless. I have been sober for two years and I honestly have to thank God that I met Nathan. I also found a way to believe in God. For all of you that are trying to make him out to be the bad guy?…..Why don’t you get up off your behind and go out and help people. Do something good with your life because that is what I see him doing. I don’t care about his past. Its really twisted how all you can try and bring up his past when we all have a past. None of us are perfect. I actually think that his past is what makes him so good at what he does.. just my opinion. I would have to agree with the people in this story that say this story has no credibility… I watched it and I cried because there were no facts and I think he should be able to charge for what he does. I don’t care if he has a license or not.

  • Rick

    Well obviously Nathan has his little minions swearing by the program to get the negative comments off this board.

    Nathan Hardage is a fraud.

    When you meet this great “man”, here are a few questions to ask him:

    1. Did he take his helmet and assault a player while playing at Florida State?

    2. Did he graduate from Florida State? What school did he earn his degree?

    3. Did he ever play in the NFL?

    4. He claims to be a “grief counselor” In what state (if any) is he registered?

    5. Is he of Egyptian AND Korean decent?

    6. If he has changed his name what was his original name on his birth certificate?

    7. How many children does he have? With whom does he entrust his children while he is out saving strangers lives?

    8. Does he currently pay child support for any of them? Why not?

    9. Is the vehicle he currently drives in his name OR his companies name? Why not?

    10. When between his time at Florida State and the “NFL” did he have time to become a Drug dealer//addict?

    11. Is he or was he ever a star witness in a major drug cartel?

    12. Is he or was he ever a part of the DEA witness protection program?

    13. Is he or was he ever an alleged participant of the non-existent “Des Moines DEA”

    14. How much debt has he incurred on the behalf of others?

    15.. Did he ever assault, grab, or physically restrain the mother of his child?

    16. Has he stolen money (i.e. money that did not belong to him) from someone in the last 14 months?

    17. Does he go into Mexico on behalf of the US government to bring US citizens back to US soil?

    18. Has he legally spied, observed, accessed, or monitored another person’s phone without their knowledge

    Hmmnn. The man is a pathological liar and a master manipulator. Once you can accept this then you can accept the raw garbage that comes out his mouth constantly. Don’t say you were not warned.

  • Tana Kelce

    First of all my son has never been kicked out of a program and has only been to 2 programs (this includes The Wounded Healer). There were many, many things that happened that did not make it into the interview. As his biggest, most vocal supporter I would never make a statement against the treatment that I did not believe was true. I paid every cent I had – even selling my diamond to make the EXTRA payment that Nathan asked me to give – I paid him on 12/18 and 12/23. If you don’t want to believe me rest assured that I have evidence. I have also seen the mug shot from the arrest on 12/08 – the restaurant pressed charges. This arrest happened while my son was in Nathan’s care. I did not find out about this until 12/28. That is when I made arrangements to have my son come home. It was easy to do that – both boys were alone in a hotel room.

    The truth of the matter is this – I believe this program has harmed my family. I believe my son and what he has told me since leaving there. I feel like when questions arose about many things associated with the program Nathan’s responses were vague.

    The truth is I was desperate to save my son and that feeling made me vulnerable. There are more treatment options out there if you have money. The truth is we all need to stand up together and demand for changes in the system; changes in how we view and treat addiction; changes that will allow an abuser to walk into a licensed facility and not be turned away because they do not have a lot of money, not covered by insurance, or are currently under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

    And by the way my son has never physically abused me. Have I been afraid of that before? Of course! These drugs are bad and they hook quick and when they do it changes a person both physically and mentally – especially their disposition!

  • Sheryl Goodhue

    My name is Sheryl Gilliam Goodhue, I am appalled that the girls who claim to be sisters of the ladies interviewed, didn’t have the courage to include their names with their comments. My concern is that any comments made by my sister have no validity as she never made any type of effort to attend any of the meetings. My intent here is to make it clear that the above comments, showing up as “sisters of the ladies interviewed” were not made by me. Again if you feel so strongly about your comments then please include your name so that people do not infer that it is me. Sheryl Gilliam Goodhue

  • Officer J

    You guys are saying things that don’t matter. You have to look at the facts. You are trying to get out of payment that you owe this man for helping you and your kids for over 70 days. Rick, the questions you have really don’t have anything to do with the story. Too bad that you cannot put your name down. I have a hard time finding this story to be credible on the basis. There is so much more to this story that its not funny. You guys have to understand that there are two sides to every coin. I have not found a mugshot that states that Nathan was arrested for assault. It says that he was detained for not having a ID and that there was a Disorderly conduct charge that was dismissed. I have not found evidence that Nathan has assaulted or committed any kind of fraud. There are not court cases or documents of he such. I am in Law Enforcement. It just isn’t true. I am sorry but your claims of Assault just are not true Mrs. Kelce. Mrs. Kelce, you paid him what you owe him. From the Facebook page it looks like your son Kaleb can eat a whole lot. It looks like Nathan really helped him. Did he starve him? I can tell you that the $3000 that you said you gave is not enough to feed him for 90 days. Guys, the truth is you allowed your kids to stay with this man for over 70 days. You praised him and his work and it really looks like the minute he asked you for money, you didn’t have it. I see a young black man that does not have the “license ” to be a drug counselor, but I don’t see someone that is guilty of fraud. I see a family that has received exactly what he promised, but refuses to pay the man and now you are saying he frauded you. You guys should be very careful before you accuse him of that. From what I understand, Nathan fed, clothed, and housed your grown ass men for over 70 days. They both have a background so they are not credible either. From the Armstrongs comments above, its true that she needs a new shoulder because of her son physically abusing her. It seems like the sisters of the so called victims are standing up and speaking the truth. If I were Nathan I would demand that channel 13 does more for this story because they really made Nathan look bad. And it looks like they tried to do it. I don’t know Nathan, but I really hope that he continues to try and help people. The big question is, Did you guys know that he was not licensed in the state of Iowa?

    You guys are really a piece of work. You have continued to enable your kids, and blame someone else that was actually trying to help you. Maybe one day you guys can all get the help you need because you all need it. Then you have the nerve to make excuses for why you guys are the way you are. Addiction is a problem, but its just not with the addicts. Its the people around the addicts. Your sons are in their mid 20’s and you are sitting here accusing someone that tried to help them? Tana you mentioned that you trust what your son says to you? That’s crazy because he is a addict. They all lie to get out of stuff. On the Fb page you mentioned that He wanted to stay and work for the program when he was done. He was on day 45 at that time. I guess you guys are looking for a excuse. That’s what you do and that’s why your families will never get better. You guys should be ashamed of yourself…

    Officer J

  • Carolyn

    I really hope Channel 13 can redeem themselves and do a better job on this story. There are a lot of things that don’t add up. Mrs. Kelce, you say that the arrest happened on 12/08 and that the restraunt pressed charges. There are no charges for assault for Nathan Hardage in Missouri or Kansas. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have any charges for anything but speeding tickets. Secondly, If your son told you this on the 28th and this supposedly happened on the 8th, then why wait twenty days to have him picked up? It doesn’t seem like your son was in any immediate danger. On the Facebook pages it looks to me like there were postings after the 28th and your son was perfectly happy and healthy. Maybe your son is manipulating you again? I think one of the sisters asked the question about how these kids are doing? How is your son? It looks like your son was safe for a quality period of time with this man and that he ate very well and had a good time. It doesn’t strike me that your son was in danger and if he was then why did he wait until the 28th to report it to you? You mentioned that you have been afraid of your son abusing you before, well, that shows that your son is angry as well, and I am sure that if he is agitated as most drug addicts can get agitated, he would have to be restrained. I just don’t see anything that supports your story of assault. There are no police reports nor filings of a arrest for assault. I see a detainment because of not sufficient ID on that Evening.

    RIck, your comments seem to be personal and attacking. They really don’t have anything to do with this story. You are talking about things that are not important regarding this story. I would be willing to bet that all of you are friends and know each other which is understandable, but the fact of the matter is, you were not there. Right now you are trying to make excuses of why it didn’t work for you when it worked for you for over 70 days. I would be interested in seeing how this case would shake out in court and if Channel 13 would do a bit more digging to turn up true INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING. This was just pathetic and assaulting to one side. I agree with the sister, it was very one sided. I would be interested in understanding why Mr. Hardage asked for money. Your stories really don’t add up!!!


    • Tana Kelce

      The reason I did not find out about the arrest was because Nathan told all of the boys that he had told the parents about what happened. That is why my son didn’t mention it until 12/28 – he thought I already knew about it and that I wouldn’t believe him. And as I posted earlier I have seen the mug shot and I have spoken to the detention center when Nathan was taken when he was arrested. It was in KC Kansas.

      You are right – I posted about this program all over FB. I believed in it. I believed in helping the cause – the battle against drugs. I no longer believe this program really helped and because I was so supportive of it i feel it is my responsibility to share what I feel now. In other words – I have changed my mind and would no longer recommend this program to anyone! If you know someone who has a drug problem and choose to place them in this program that is your right. You, as am I, are entitled to your opinion. But the bottom line here is addiction rips families apart. The most important thing we can ALL do right now is write our congress and demand changes that give families and substance abusers more affordable options for help. If you are not struggling with this type of Hell, either personally or through a loved one, I pray you never do. It is one of the most helpless and hopeless situations to be in.

      As far as knowing the others commenting on this page – I know The Armstrong’s and I know Sheryl – Teresa’s sister. And I have known them since high school.

    • Sonia

      Carolyn, half the problem with Nathan is that as soon as you start asking questions that he does not want to answer he will stop talking to you all together. Rick’s comments may be personal but it is all things that have shown red flags! The reason that so much time passed was because he was having these men sign contracts to not speak about things outside of his home to anyone else! You have to understand the delicate balance of things for these young men. One hand you have your self and parents that you do not want to disappoint again and the other you have this person who is allowing them to drink and do nothing but watch tv and play video games. He was not challenging them to change!

  • James

    Mrs. Armstrong, I am a PI and work in the bonding sector. Police reports are just that…Police reports. It does not mean one is guilty or innocent. It means someone has a problem with something that has been done. There are no charges of Fraud nor or there charges of assault as you guys claim. In digging a little bit, I see that your husband Mel Armstrong has some charges of assault alleging that he choked his ex wife. I see that he has a few OWIs. I also see that he has had many run ins with the law. These are charges to be exact. What you guys are making are aquisations that you must prove have relevance to your case and as I can see they really don’t. Trying to comprise a band of people that hate the guy isn’t how you do it. He works with ADDICTS and in working with addicts you are going to get this type of thing. Parents that are enablers and kids that lie and manipulate… its plain and simple. To reply to your comments, I have seen no charges filed against Hardage. People can file a complaint all day, but until charges are filled, you cant all of a sudden jump on the bandwagon and try to crucify the man. You didn’t do that before he took your son. You guys all need to take some personal ownership and accountability on the part of yourselves. You mentioned that you let your son down by putting him in the program. No… you let your son down by allowing him to use drugs and from the comments above, abuse you. You made the statement above as if it was true that he physically abused you. So your son was let down before you even found the particular program. This whole story is turning out to be a circus. I cant believe Channel 13 did not investigate more and that they have allowed such a inaccurate report to surface.


    • Mel Armstrong


      This is Mr Armstrong thought I would set the record straight for
      those wondering why my name and past are being thrown “Around”

      This started a few weeks into my Stepsons being with Nathan
      I started asking asking Nathan questions … Like Who else do you
      work with in Iowa Missouri Colorado doctors, counselors etc.
      I wanted names of the people he worked with…

      Nathan stated to my wife and I that he had a house in Iowa
      Missouri and Colorado and that he moved from state to state
      because he had other clients in each state and he had other
      professionals in each state that worked with his Clients and
      that they would be also be supervised by them…

      So When I ask Nathan by Text message who else do you work
      with ? His response was : I don’t Understand.
      then sent me other a message with : WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

      Then said I do work with others but you wouldn’t know them >>
      but Nathan would never answer the question… Then I started
      questioning other things that seemed to pop up on a daily basis

      Things just wasn’t adding up We weren’t given a contract until
      weeks later.. I looked it over and will tell you it was very vague
      for what was all involved… I stated I needed a Lawyer to look
      it over that day I hand delivered the contract to a very good
      friend that is a lawyer he read it and started laughing .. And said
      DO NOT SIGN THIS!!!!!

      i also googled Nathan’s name and found very interesting things. I
      told my wife what i had found and she wouldn’t believe me
      then Thanksgiving came and Nathan dropped my Stepson
      off at his grandmothers for a week and I was telling the family
      what kind of treatment program stops for a week then picks back
      up a week later.. Then Christmas for 9 days… WOW what
      a wonderful treatment … thats a total of two weeks and a day
      away from treatment.. there hasn’t been ONE person
      I have talked to about this agrees that its ok to stop the treatment
      and pick back up where you left off at after the Holidays

      My wife had a relative that wouldn’t go to any of the meetings
      that we had as a family but seemed to know everything that was
      being talked about in the meeting we knew that Nathan was in
      contact with them by phone and was stirring things up and Nathan
      was playing a big part in it …

      The relatives son felt the need to look me up on Iowa Courts on
      Line…. Then called Nathan with the information they found
      not sure how this plays into treatment for my stepson ….
      But Nathan ran with the information that was given to him..
      He Knew I was onto him by turning the family against me..
      The one and only that had him exposed …

      You don’t tell someone that your trying to help that you have
      36 million dollars in a overseas bank account from selling
      Cocaine ….Thats telling them it ok to do it You’ll get RICH …. Lol

      And you don’t let your clients drink and have them exposed
      to drugs …….There is so much more to the story that would make
      your head spin…… I was telling my wife when things were happening
      that it would make a hell of a Movie and others i have talk to
      say the same….

      Now getting back to my past lets NOT FORGET !!!!!!!!!

      I challenge that I Choked My EX-WIFE not sure about that one ..
      everyone reading this can go to Courts on line and read it yourself
      It was noted that I have a few OWIs …

      what is a few ? ONE ?

      THATS ALL I HAVE !!!!!

      I was charged for a 2nd but was pleaded down to public intox
      and reckless driving …..

      I will go on record give me one GOOD reason why this was brought up then and Now ?

      Am i the one being investigated on a city,County,State,Federal
      Level ???????? I would say NOT ….

      What we see on this board is the same players I was dealing
      with weeks ago….Or this wouldn’t have been brought up
      once again!!!!

      Which has nothing to do with WHY WE ARE HERE TODAY


      Mel Armstrong 32nd

      • James

        Mr. Armstrong, I am sorry and I wish no harm to you. I am only saying that if you guys are going to take his past and hold it against him then we all have a past. Your background is not that squeaky clean so I just find it hard that you guys are coming on here and trying to find something to burry the man with. From what you have said, that’s hear say and hear say is not enough to ruin a persons name and reputation. There are no facts in your statements. That is all several other people and myself are saying on the threads. If you are going to go on City wide television and accuse someone of things and say you are victims, then speculation and opinion because of ones background or can not be a reason. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, but at the same time, when it comes down to it, I just wanted to know concrete evidence as to why you guys feel he is what you say he is. I have yet to see that. I am glad that you can explain yourself, but once more, what you are talking about has nothing to do with Drug addiction nor does it have anything to do with the allegations against someone that is not here to defend themselves. The reason that I used you was because you could defend yourself and all your friends where throwing out things about the guy that did not make him a criminal. I did not find any owi’s or dui’s or drug charges or fraud charges on his records. I checked 3 states. I did find tickets and I did find a disorderly conduct in KS. I did find the fact that he had a temporary restraining order without stalking in Missouri, but there is no evidence of fraud and abuse. The temporary restraining order W/O stalking ended in July of 2013. He has no warrants or felonies. You guys are on here trying to label the guy a criminal when that’s not the case. You can be sued for that in the state of Iowa. I’m just saying, please have proof. Not something someone else says, or something that someone else thinks or thought. You have to have solid evidence. Like did he steal money from you? Did he disappear with it? stuff like that. I hope this helps. I am not against anyone here. I do however take in account the stories on here from this sister and finding a lot of inaccurate things that I am listening to. If he did something criminal then why was it not in the News report? The only thing I can say I saw was that he is running addiction without a license. That is probably not legal, but it does not make him criminal either or else he would be in jail.


  • Sonia

    Wow….the charge is for disorderly conduct since the restaurant pressed charges. @ James, if you are so inclined, I can send you a link if you email me at poortaste515.com a spam worthy email account because I was actually the non PI that found the mugshot.

    • Tana Kelce

      My son did not press charges for the assault as he was in Nathan’s care at the time. We have filed a report but my son just wants to forget about all this right now.

      We are not parents that “let” their kids do drugs. Quite honestly both both started out with weed – something that a lot of people view as harmless and as you know is now legal in a minority of states. When they move to the harder stuff they hide it well.

  • Dustin

    @James if you are such a great PI. Then you would have found his Charges in Missouri for Abuse of an Adult W/Stalking and the multiple restraining orders against Mr. Hardage.

  • droberts92704

    @ Tom You claim Nathan Doesn’t Drink in public. Really? I have personally seen it and taken a shot or two with him. Also watched him mix a drink for himself and hand the “guys” he was working with a beer. So you claims are unfounded and a out right lie.

  • Tana Kelce

    Wyandotte County Detention Center – that is where Nathan was taken when he was arrested on 12/08. The charges are disorderly conduct which I believe were pressed by the restaurant.

  • James

    If you go deeper in Kansas, Then you will find that those particular charges that you are claiming were dismissed… And I am not on anyone’s side, I am only saying that if that’s the case and he wasn’t helping then why wait so long to report it? I don’t know the reasoning or care, but if he was arrested for assault in which they claimed he assaulted the person then they should say so… And the charge in Iowa says temporary restraining order Without Stalking.. So please get your facts straight.. That was later dismissed on July 26 2014. That has nothing to do with this story im sorry… I am not trying to attack anyone, I am only saying that there is a lot more to the other side that meets the eye…I am only saying that I have not found anything that would say this guys is a fraud or abusive to young men…From what I saw on the pages, and what the mothers have said, He helped their situation. If anything, He gave them a warm place to lay their head, A roof, food and Security until the next solution presents itself.


    • Tana Kelce

      Dismissed or not the arrest still happened when my son was in his care and Nathan did not tell me or any of the other parents about it. If you were us how would that make you feel? And if you were us, what would you do when you did find out about it?

  • James

    Right, but you keep saying assault, There is no evidence of a assault… Disorderly conduct could be having your music up loud or raising your voice..Thats not assault. secondly, it doesn’t say anyone pressed charges. When you go deeper it seems that the charges were dismissed…


  • James

    @ Dustin, What does your claims have to do with this case? Plenty of men have Restraining orders, but I will say he does not have any at the current time. Restraining orders usually are a cautious measure that the courts take to separate the parties and prevent violence… It is a civil process. There is nothing criminal that he has done in either state. You guys really should learn you law. He has not done anything criminal. Im sorry… It could be something as simple as a phone call that landed that…We don’t know…And I don’t care to know, but when someone accuses someone of being a criminal, I do my due diligence as a Christian, and obligate myself to the truth…


  • James

    Mrs. Kelce..I am sure that your son whom is in his mid 20s wants to forget about the assault…The fact of the matter is there was not assault… Im sorry.. but this whole story is not what it seems…


  • droberts92704

    @ James shouldn’t the same be said for what you said about Mel Armstrong? It could be a he said she said with the Choking incident. You also didn’t address the Abuse of an Adult W/ Stalking charge. So if this is to prevent violence someone had to be worried enough that someone would hurt them to file for one. Right? As for the comment on the news story in regards to the alleged assault on 12/8/2013. Nathan claims that Kaleb was going through a bad withdraw. Funny from what i got from the report he had been in the program for several months at that time. If you know anything about withdraws they don’t last 2-3 months. Also If that was the case why did this happen at a restaurant? Why would take someone out in pubic if their “Withdraws were that bad?

  • Dustin

    Is everyone missing the point that What he was doing in Iowa was against the LAW. If you are running a creditable program you would have a program that isn’t illegal to run in Iowa.

  • James

    I got the point. That’s against him and the state of Iowa. I am just saying that if you guys are going to accuse him of criminal crimes in which you have, fraud, assault, and things of that nature, you don’t have any evidence that makes that true. As far as running a program in the state of Iowa, it sounds like the young man needs to apply for state credibility. Making him out to be a big bad wolf is not really going to stick with REAL people when they want to see the facts. One of the peoples sisters, I don’t know if it was the Kelce or Armstrong stated some things that if found to be true can ruin your case of making him out to be something he is not. It strikes me from his page that he is trying to do some good in the world and honestly, its well needed. I am sorry that people like you have to lean on things that are simply not true to try and incriminate someone that is truly trying to help others. I have no doubts that I would agree with everything that he does, but I would not go as far as to call him a fraud or say he is a bad person. It looks to me like he was trying to help bad people. Did the young men get in trouble while they were in Nathans care? Did they smoke any Meth? because from the fb page the mothers said that they were meth addicts. Were they able to get any meth? I saw the interview and it looks like he keeps a pretty nice place. They were safe there with a roof over their head. He fed them and made sure they had he essentials they need. I don’t understand the whole alcohol part, but I am sure since he has dubbed the program unconventional and unorthodox that he is trying to do something with it. If he was a criminal and he had assault charges and fraud charges, then they would have showed that in this story. They didn’t, they showed what you guys are accusing him of, but that’s not enough to place a verdict on this man. I am a white middle class American, and I believe if he was so, then we would not have the questions we have? He may not be a saint, as we all have a past, but he is no criminal Sir.


  • James

    I am not going to waste my Superbowl Sunday with this, but I am sure if he Assaulted your kid, then he would have assault charges. Your kid is lying Mrs. Kelce. You are saying that he did not tell you about this? If it was not what it seems then what is there to tell? If it is something that was dismissed, then I for one know that assault charges don’t get dismissed and if someone presses charges against you, it is not disorderly conduct. You asked what I would have done, well, before creating more drama, I would have called the guy and asked him about it and at least given him the opportunity to talk about the alleged incident. I think that you owed him that being that he had your adult child for over 70 days and you praised him over 100 times. I believe that it gave you guys a opportunity to get out of payment, Call the state of Iowa to try to file criminal charges, get everyone to back you and then go from there. That still does not approach the issue. Your kids were in a safe place and being fed, clothed, and taken care of. We are talking about GROWN MEN not children. They are in their 20’s. This was not their first rodeo. Anyway, As a parent of a addict, I will never believe a word that comes out of my kids mouth until she can be honest. She has pulled every trick in the book to try and get out of things or to manipulate situations. This is what they do and the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. If he was not hurt, bruised or malnutritioned then odds are, he was probably lying. I really hope that Channel 13 investigates more and gets to the bottom of all this. There is so much more to this story.


    • Tana Kelce

      There were witnesses and I already said my son decided not to continue pressing charges. As far as clothing my son – I paid for that. In fact Nathan still has some of the things that I paid for – and again I can prove it. There is more to what happened than the newscast shows. You can choose to believe whatever side of the story you want. Maybe you should enroll your daughter in it if you feel that it is an effective program.

      And if you call providing 1 meal per day adequate nutrition then I don’t know what to say to that.

      • Tana Kelce

        And actually I can prove that Nathan asked me to buy the clothes – including a list of what my son needed

  • James

    Mrs. Kelce, I am not judge in jury, but I am sure that as healthy as your son is, He got fed more than one meal a day… As I stated, You are looking for excuses. If that is what your son is telling you then I am sure that is false. Once again, these are things that should be proven. Your son probably doesn’t want anything to do with this because he knows he is lying. You have already committed to his lies. I warn you that before you continue, make sure that he what you claim is true. I find it hard that your son got one meal a day for over 70 days and looked as healthy as he did. Maybe there were witnesses, but still…Assault charge that you claimed? That’s just not true. My guess is that your son probably pulled one of the stunts he may pull on you when you are afraid of him. And he got put in his place and it embarrassed him. Sorry.. I just don’t believe that garbage of Assault. Now you are making other accusations that would probably be false… As far as my daughter goes, She is clean and has been for over 6 years. She didn’t get clean until I as the enabler stop listening to her lies and truly made her take some personal accountability and ownership as I had to do the same. I am not saying you are a bad person Mrs. Kelce, but I am sure your son is manipulating you.


    • Tana Kelce

      I have nothing more to say to you other than I have many people that will
      Vouch for my character. I know what I now believe and I have no interest in trying to change your opinion. Based on your comments you do not have any first hand knowledge of this program. I do and that is what I now base my opinion on. You have no idea of what I have been through in trying to deal with a situation of addiction or the many things I have done to try and change the situation.

  • James

    Mrs. Kelce this is what I mean.. You are saying things that are not true. you stated that your son said he was assaulted and Nathan was arrested for Assault. Then you say that the restaurant pressed charges for assault against the guy. Then you wrote This…

    Tana Kelce

    February 2, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Wyandotte County Detention Center – that is where Nathan was taken when he was arrested on 12/08. The charges are disorderly conduct which I believe were pressed by the restaurant.

    So whats the story? Did he assault your kid or the restaurant? It seems that the restaurant my have called the police for disorderly conduct, but there is no Assault. This is what I mean, Assault is totally different than disorderly conduct. He could have been talking too loud in the Restaurant. He could have been in a seating section that he wasn’t reserved for? All I am saying is that you are making untrue statements instead of facts and trying to sale that to people. That’s not the right thing to do. This makes me realize how we blame other people for our problems. You and your friends are on here trying to call this guy a criminal and fraud when you guys really don’t have a true idea if he is or not. It sounds to me like you are believing hear say. And that does not stand up in court. I did not see one thing in the news story other than he was operating without a license, that would make me believe or have me jump on the band wagon and call this guy a fraud and a criminal. There were no court papers, no court records, no evidence at all. He gave contracts to people, and that is what you are supposed to do in business. I would be curious to understand what went on between taking the kids and collecting payment that caused this. It seems that no one had a problem until he asked for PAYMENT. I agree with one of the sisters.


    • Tana Kelce

      It’s interesting that you say “sale” that to people instead of correctly saying “sell”. That is EXACTLY the way Nathan talks. In fact I never even saw a contract let alone see one. And I was paying and again I can prove it.

  • James

    Mrs. Kelce, I appreciate the personal dialogue and opportunity to have time to address my concerns about your story. I know how hard it is to deal with addiction in the family so I know what you are going through. I am just saying don’t be a enabler. Hold your son accountable especially if he is lying about this. It looks like the guy helped in some area even if he didn’t do everything you wanted, it seems like he still helped and kept your son safe. That’s all I will say about that.


  • James

    Mrs. Kelce, I do not know Nathan nor do I have a interest in do so…Actually I think I would like to meet him and ask him some questions as well. You are more than welcome to call me. I don’t have a dog in the fight, I am only concerned about truths… What is your email? I will send you my number. Maybe we can become friends?


  • Stephen Lau

    My name is Stephen Lau i was in the wounded healer program for 45 days this is what happened: The only treatment we got was glorifying drug use and glorifying drug dealing, Kaleb was assaulted in the middle of dave and busters kaleb had been in for 70 days so there was no way he was detoxing or withdrawing, Nathan had been drinking at that time and was arrested on the spot and he was very rude to the officers and even tried pulling the race card on them. while nathan was being processed through jail kaleb wanted to leave and use nathan’s OTHER girlfriends cell phone and she refused to let him use it and an hour later he got out and convinced everyone that he had spoken with all of our parents explaining what had happened and that they were all fine with it, he even told kaleb that his mom said that he should have hit him harder! Tana as well as all of our parents had no idea of it.

    for those members of my family who are not supportive of me and would rather idolize this man who they have never met please stay out of it leave the rest of my family alone.. “Carey aka Anonymous”

    and to “Nathan aka Tom” and whatever other fake names you are using on here, its too late for damage control..

    -Stephen Lau

  • Brian

    Steven, I am sorry, but I have a hard time believing that all you guys did was talk using and selling drugs. I have a hard time believing that you would stay there for over 45 days at which you stated, and not do anything. You guys have to understand that you don’t have any facts to back up what you are saying. Text messages? Emails? Communication? What can you guys do to back it up? The story only stated what was said, but it was not in depth on facts as there was none. Please understand that if this did come out, you will have to prove that he did not help you any. It will be interesting to see what the facts are in this case. What crime did he commit against YOU? You guys are definitely playing victim right now? It seems like you guys wanted to get out and that you don’t want to pay….I don’t care, but just tell the truth. Nothing can ever go wrong with the truth. Don’t make up things that people like myself cant find online to back it up. You also said that a assault took place, but there is no record of a assault nor is there a arrest for assault. I work in a drug and alcohol environment and this exactly the kind of thing that happens when people want to take advantage of a situation. I like most of the people who have been on here, have a hard time believing anything to be true until you guys show proof. Anybody can say anything about anyone… but where is your proof. I think that you guys are looking for some attention and diversion in order to not pay what you owe…

    • Tana Kelce

      The young men were not paying. We as parents were. And as I have already stated many times assault charges were not filed. I did however go to the police in KS and a report was filed.

      Know this – I was in communication with Nathan often and as I have stated before I can show proof of many things. And there were more witnesses at the restaurant besides these two young men. And I guarantee you I was unaware of an arrest until 12/28. Even then my son was hesitant to tell me.

    • Stephen Lau

      He was arrested for disorderly conduct on 12/08/13 in Wyandotte county kansas the case number is c551351

  • Tana Kelce

    My son is upset and understandably angry that there are many comments here that are blaming the victim. I apologize for his comments. We all feel as if there is more manipulation going on – many posts remind us of things said and expressions used that we have heard many times in our experience over the last several months. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please ignore words spoken in anger by someone whe feels victimized and then criticized.

  • Donnie

    Its comments like that that let us know the kind of state these people are in. No one is blaming anyone, I believe from the comments above, people just want to see facts and they want the truth. but when you write comments like you just wrote, that says all that needs to be said. It speaks a lot of your maturity level Kaleb. I am sure you don’t mean that, but I can see you losing your temper and saying something that’s not accurate and false. That’s not the way people deal with things especially people that CLAIM to be assaulted. I would only say… Please grow up. If you are trying to convince me that this guy hurt you and then you go and write something like that, then that tells me that you are not where you need to be…

    • Tana Kelce

      Using drugs does affect maturity level – it’s like they stop maturing. I am horrified by the comments he made. I wish no ill will or harm to anyone. I sincerely apologize – I do not agree with those comments and have even reported them.

  • Donohue

    I agree… what anger in voice… It doesn’t matter. That is really uncalled for especially seeing you on the guys FB page smiling and your mother saying such amazing things about the guy and the program. I would just say that Channel 13 should do a bigger story on this and uncover what needs to be uncovered. It seems that you guys are trying to play victim and blame someone else for why you are in the situation you are in. I would have partially believed you until I saw what one of the victims sister put on… that let me know that there was a bit more to this story that needs to be uncovered. The crazy part is you guys got the story in your favor, but you and a group of your friends are still on here trying to say things that you have no proof of. There are no facts that Kaleb was assaulted. There are not charges of Fraud against this guy. You guys are on here trying to make people feel sorry for you. Then you go say something like that. I don’t know who to trust or what to believe in this story..

    • Tana Kelce

      All I can say is that at some point the truth will come out. My son did not want me to do the interview. I had to – the interview happened because of a letter I wrote to the station when I believed in the treatment. I no longer believe and if I could go back in time and make a different choice I would.

      • Jilly Jean

        “James” is Nathan. He has an answer for anything just like Nathan.

        Nathan can do no wrong and has picked a scam where his clients have no voice. He is no helper he is a predator. Pure and simple.

        Nathan can’t have a conversation with normal people because he can’t handle being called out.

        Sad but true. All I know is a friend in the Iowa State’s attorney’s office has a case open. I guess Nathan/James might want to pack up his operation and head back to Georgia

  • Jimmie

    Your son was probably hesistant to tell you because maybe it wasn’t as bad as what you guys tried to spin it as… Your son probably didn’t have a truth to tell…but I find it hard that he waited 20 days to say something to you. I think it was a excuse…..but that’s my opinion…

  • Donnie

    If a guy assaults me then I am going to press charges. The fact that you didn’t press charges shows that maybe nothing really happened or maybe he had a lot to do with it. Regardless, you didn’t press charges on the man that you are trying to make accusations against… #THISJUSTDOESNOTADDUP#

  • kurt

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is some racial motivation in this. Why would he say that if that’s the case? Racist people never get anywhere… That could have been left out… Mrs. Kelce, I find it hard to believe that you guys are not racist from that… I am a black guy and I actually was kind of in the middle until I heard that… There is no place for that. I can only imagine and understand that type of things this guy had to deal with. If he is snapping during these post, I can only imagine what he did while in the program. Why would you allow him to write something of this nature… It is really not cool…

  • Tana Kelce

    These young men have been through a lot. I’m sorry my son made those remarks. I am not racist. And you really think on that someone that was racist would never have gone to that program.

  • kaleb kelce

    Meow listen if you want to know the truth nathan pushed me down then picked me up and slammed me on the ground I wasent bleeding or knocjed out or anything so yea im rly not worried about that and if you dont belive me I rly dont care. In the program he did have us clean his house wash his car, he olny fed me one time a day somtimes if he was in a bad mood constantly had us around his two gf who he made me tell marcia that Emily didnt excist he let us drink our choice to tho. There was about 3 hours a week of actual treatment wed go out to eat hed eat lobster and make us order off the kids menu lol. The first week I was in thw program he had people smoking weed and drinkin and offering it to me. That hapend twice again when I was with his family on xmas break. We also found percription painkiller in a bottel with his name on it but the bottel was not for painkillera he steals clients medication like I said if u dont belice me I dont care this is he said she said no one has profff of anything. And im not racist btw jm around look at my skin color lol

    • Stephen Lau

      Kaleb, do you remember i went to the dentist and got a prescription for 30 5mg Vicodin and he was in charge of administering them and i only received 15 pills… Nathan addicts know much drugs they have

    • Casey

      First you open up with open use of the N word, then you make comments about the program and preface that with several lols? Obviously your actions are not serious enough to you that you have to make fun and laughter. Your are very immature young man and that speaks volumes about your character. It is difficult for me or anyone to believe a word that comes out of your mouth. I hope the real truth comes out of the bag… If its true then I feel sorry for you and wonder the reason, but I along with other people on this post, really don’t think your stories add up. It seems to me that you guys are making this stuff up as you go along. You guys are the reason that I don’t work with drug addicts… you are manipulators.. especially meth addicts… You guys have a sense of entitlement. Your comments sound like you are 13 years old. That’s probably why you guys have a problem, because you probably act 13. I can tell you one thing, your mouth should be washed out with soap. You guys are working to hard to try and prove something. That shows that your story is not credible.

      • Jilly Jean

        Actually no “Casey”/nathan. The person who lies is you. The real truth is your BUSTED. Emily told us how when you had her up when that other chick moved out. And we covered for you while she was having your new son at the hospital. member laughin about how Emily was your “nanny’ if anyone asked? you only get with girls with good credit you said. lol

        How many times did we lie for nathan? Like 100x? Or you leave is so you could pick up drugs. The time you took your girls money and went to KC in her truck. You brought us everywhere because you knew we would call home. Thank God I did.

        The only person’s life that is out of control is nathans. I missed hangin wit asher tho. too bad your his dad.

  • Stephen Lau

    he also made us post things on facebook saying he saved our lives and he made us pose for pictures to make our parents think we were doing good while he bought us alcohol and promised to take us to colorado to buy marijuana

  • Stephen Lau

    if anyone has any questions on what the wounded healer is really like feel free to talk to me i was there for over a month and have witnessed first hand on what kind of a irresponsible, negligent, and selfish person nathan hardage is please do not hesitate to call me here is my phone number 515-422-0200 this guy is had us brain washed into thinking he was helping us. there was one time i called him out and he told me i was manipulating his program.. and when i asked him to use his phone to call my mom he kept pushing it off and saying he already talked to her and she was busy working.. I am still sober off of meth and have been since october 2nd.. this man wanted to give kaleb and i a bag of meth and a pipe that he said he has as well as heroin and cocaine, to carry around to see if we could not do it. WHO THE HELL DOES THIS??? i understand he claims its nontraditional and i admit i have been through 6 traditional rehabs, and there are some things that i dont agree with there either. this man has crossed the line so far that he doesnt even know where it is anymore. he lied so much that he believes it.

    The very last day i was in the “program” i was in a hotel and nathan showed up in the morning yelling at me to post something on my facebook praising him thats when i knew i had to get out of there he removed the phones out of the hotel room and he forgot i had my cell so we called our parents and left at 12:30 am.

    Again if you dont know what happened and still feel the need to doubt me my phone number is 515-422-0200

    Stephen Lau

  • D

    Ok… I guess I am a bit confused. Kaleb said in a previous message that he actually did therapy with you guys 3hrs a week. Stephen you said that he didn’t do any therapy with you so which one is it? If you are still sober from Meth then obviously something he did worked. I find it hard to believe any of the crap that you say about giving you guys meth and a meth pipe. I will say one thing, If you are lying then it will come to the light. Once again it seems like you guys are trying to make things up as we go. If he did all this then why was it not in the reports? Why was it not in the news story? After the whole racial comments I really don’t believe a thing that you and Kaleb say. I am sure without proof and documentation, that no one else does either. I am sure he probably took the VICODIN from you because you are a addict and you will abuse them. I have seen the story and Im sorry, the guy does not have signs of a drug addict. He keeps a pretty nice house from the looks of it and he carried himself very well in the interview even when things didn’t go his way. He has not got online to defend himself and I guess he doesn’t need too. You guys are full of bull and honestly, why would anyone believe anything you say? You both are two grown men and it seems like you guys are wanting your mothers to save you. I don’t know the guy but I am sure that you guys saw a out and took it. I would love to hear his side of the story. You guys have repeatedly said different things and then the news story is off. If he truly did what you are saying, that important enough to put on the news. I would guess that all you guys have is false statements that you cant prove. You putting your number on here does nothing for us. Show us some evidence and proof if you can please do that. Text? Emails? Pictures? Anything?

  • Jimmie

    I don’t know, but if I were you guys, I would stop while I was ahead… None of this was in the News story and its crazy that you guys are making life size stories up to not pay this guy… I see the other post, and I kind of agree. I think that there is more to this and it seems like you guys are trying to cover your tracks…

    • Jilly Jean

      damage control Nathan. you hate people bein in you biz. dnt want ppl talkin. connecting the dots. that’s how u lose control. hey Nathan u scared now???

  • James

    Its kind of crazy that you guys are so paranoid about your lies that you assume that everyone is Nathan on here….Nope… Just because I am calling you guys out? I hope the guy calls you guys out because you guys deserve it. This is pathetic. My email is actually jkellove33@gmail.com. I am 48 years old, white, Not Racist and I have a beautiful family. I only wanted to come on and respond to this story because it looked like you guys were LYING. And it turns out if people read through some of your post, you are. I am sure that the guy is somewhere enjoying his life, and not having to worry about you guys because he probably knows he didn’t assault the kid, nor does he have a need to defend himself. I just pray for all of you who have the nerve to get on national Tv and lie. And Jilly Jean, or whatever your name is, I have the nerve to put my real information down. I could put my phone number as well…..5713270894. I am sure that Jilly Jean is “Tana Kelce” because I was talking to her yesterday and caught her in several lies. Why don’t you put your real name and number down Mrs. Kelce. You guys have so many forms of manipulation on here. You have a need to prove that you are right. If someone is doing right and they are a good person, they have no need to come on a site and prove it. Also, reading through the text, you don’t call people a Nword. You are all defensive and that tells me that something is wrong and that there is much more to you than meets the eye. Regardless, you guys will do what you do, and that’s be paranoid like most people that have done something do. If you want to hear what the guy has to say, I am sure that you have his phone number… call him. I would like to know what he has to say. I am sure other people on there would like to know what he has to say. Every time someone challenges the validity and truthfulness of your story than you guys assume that its Nathan. You have done this several times on this board. I couldn’t be Nathan, because if I was, I would have you guys in a court room paying me my money and uncovering the truth. And as far as we know, that may happen. You mentioned that there is a open case in the Iowa State Attorneys office, but I find it hard for them to charge him with anything when there is not evidence of anything happening. You guys are all low lifes to try and destroy someones life… Its pathetic and you will deserve what carma comes your way… Oh..by the way, my email is jkellove33@gmail.com once again.. I don’t care if channel 13 displays it. My number is in the thread. Nathan.. If you ever read this, We just want to know the truth…


  • Carolyn

    Peaple, getting online, making up fake names and accusing everyone who says something to you to be Nathan is not right. The young man is not here to defend himself and you guys can say anything you want. no one is going to want to have anything to do with this if you do that. I take it form the comment about that Jilly Jean is Kaleb, Or Stephen. My take is that its Kaleb since he already lost credibility using the NWORD. I think the fact that everybody is getting to is that, you all have no facts to support your claims. You are 2 addict friends and parents that are friends. Of course you guys are going to stick together. And I would be very apprehensive to believe anything you say because you guys are reacting in a way guilty people react.


    • Jilly Jean

      so u work at google? nice fake email. nobody got a …@google.com email address!! how effin dumb is u??? ur girls Emily & marsha is soo dumb.

      god u so dumb Nathan. man you better get some soap on the rope!!! And u chubby?

      They goin love u down at Polk County. Big plump booty too! better start sleepin on yo stomac

    • Carolyn

      This is exactly why everyone is saying what they are saying… You are all so immature and there is no way you can claim that someone hurt you when you are saying to many things that do not make sense. The previous comment sounds just like the comments that the two young men are writing. This story has ZERO credibility. Jilly Jean please put your real name down. My email happens to be @gmail.com not google.com. You drug addicts are so paranoid. If you have a story and a case on Mr. Hardage, then leave the whole race thing out of it. You should not have to get on here to defend yourself. If you feel you are in the right… Stop trying so hard to sound like you are innocent. No need to insult the young man that isn’t here to defend himself.

  • James

    I am certainly not Nathan. You guys are so paranoid that you assume everyone that challenges your story is the guy. From the way it looks, the guy is somewhere enjoying his life and not spending it on here with a bunch of low lifes…. He is not on here trying to say anything bad about anyone. If I was him, I would take you guys to court for all your lies and deeds. He is probably too classy of a person to do so and that’s his problem. My email address is jkellovesher@gmail.com Send me a email and I will send you my phone number….I have no problem doing that JillyJean just to show you that real people can come on here and tell you how it is.


    • Jilly Jean

      we all kno Nathan got like 20 emails. that’s how he be creepin on his girls. u showed us this Nathan. member? he is playa. don’t hate the game hate the Nathan.

  • Todd

    Hi…I am Todd and I am Fb friend of one of the people on here. I saw the fb page and I saw how much you guys were getting better. I will speak for myself when I say that, I find it hard to believe that you guys would go so long in treatment before reporting anything. It seems like from all the stuff that you guys did some things wrong too and you don’t want anyone to know about them so you are trying to gather as many as possible to hear your side of the story. We all know that it will probably be easy to turn people against someone with a troubled past. I too have googled the guy and there is no record of “criminal” things. He has obviously had a past as we all have, but there was nothing on google to incriminate him. He did get in a scuffle in a game in college. I am not going to hold that over his head when it happened over 10 years ago. I saw nothing that would make me fear the guy other than the fact that he is big and black. I am only saying, if you guys are lying, you probably need to stop. I saw Mel Armstrong’s comments, but even with the comments, there is nothing there that says the man is a criminal. I would like to see more before I make a final call on if you guys were slighted or not. From the comments on this post, and that irregular stories, and the fact that you guys all have conflicting stories, I would say that your stories do not add up. I need to get back to work…. but please stop sharing this story until you guys can gather some facts.


  • Jimm

    I still think that you guys are covering your tracks because you do not want to pay the guy. Its obvious. The way the news story went and how long you guys went before you actually got your guys out, just does not add up. The fact that you cant handle people telling you that and you guys get defensive and start trying to bash the guy, tells me that you are not being straight forward. We are not defending the guy by any means, we are only asking you guys for evidence to support your claims. Mr. Armstrong, in your comments, you bashed the guy then went on to defend yourself. I would have liked for you to give me some evidence that I could find and look up too that says the guy is a criminal. The fact that no one on here has done that tells me that all you guys have is a story. in a court room, a story does not make it. If you are going to accuse someone of something as you are, then you need evidence and facts. You all have none. It seems like you all are making things up as you go to try and make the story sound worse so people will believe you. Then with that, when someone challenges you are ask you for questions or facts, you either assume that they are Nathan, or stop communicating and not answer their question all together. My personal opinion is, no one should do treatment without a license, but you guys must have known that he didn’t have a license? I guess where I am going with my question is that, you are all trying to blame him for your situation. What did he criminally do to deserve what you are trying to frame him of??? That is what I want to know. If you are saying he said something, odds are he will probably say he didn’t. If you are saying he did something in which you already have when you said that he assaulted Kaleb, but there are no records of assault and no records that have Kalebs name attached to them so to say he assaulted Kaleb would be a lie. What fact, evidence do you have that would add up to a the judgement you are placing on him? I have not seen any yet. I am in no ones corner, let me correct that, If you guys are trying to falsely accuse him and it seems like you are, then I will see about reaching out and apologizing for ever believing this story. When I first saw the story I felt really bad for you guys, but I guess with other comments on here and seeing that there is more to it, I feel like maybe the guy could be framed. Just my thoughts…


  • Donohue

    Be careful please…They will accuse you of being the guy…Nathan… ha. I just think its hilarious how the two grown men act like such little boys. I guess the post from the parents are like high school kids and so you know why…. Its just crazy.

  • Donohue

    Mel Sir, you said that you were not given a contract until weeks later. I guess that part that does not add up is, if you chose not to sign the contract, then why did you allow your son to stay in the program? He said in his post that he was there for 45 days. That would insinuate that you guys had the contract way before you picked him up. Why would you allow him to still be there if there was so much you were concerned with?

    Things just wasn’t adding up We weren’t given a contract until
    weeks later.. I looked it over and will tell you it was very vague
    for what was all involved… I stated I needed a Lawyer to look
    it over that day I hand delivered the contract to a very good
    friend that is a lawyer he read it and started laughing .. And said

    This was in your really defensive novel that you wrote on the top. I don’t know any of you, but when I saw this story, I just thought that some things did not add up.

  • becky

    This stuff is so stupid. How could anyone turn this into a news story? I hope that the guy can defend himself legally. Why do people have to go through all kinds of measures not to pay for stuff? That’s probably why nothing works for them and that they are in the situation they are in. They want things for free. I have been following this story and its so unfortunate. I feel bad for the guy that seems like tried to help, but I also feel bad for the families because they don’t understand why people are calling them out. We are calling the story out because the stuff that you are saying just don’t add up. If you are trusting the stories of the two young men then they are not credible. So because of this, it seems like you have made up things about the guy to try and twist this story. Its hard to defend someone I don’t know so I wont, but I also wont burn him with a stake either. It does not seem as thought he has done anything criminal.

  • Jilly Jean

    Running a drug treatment business with no certification and no license is illegal. Giving illegal drugs to people to carry around is illegal. Running businesses in residentially zoned areas are illegal. Detaining someone against their will is illegal. Promising services and not providing them is FRADULENT.

    hey homie. if u gonna be Nathan and just use diff emails y not at least use some diffnt phrases? U so fake Nathan.

    U goin be in jail soon. Is that booty greased up?? funny he don’t help black kids he sold drugs to. Jus rich white kids.

    Nathan wanna be white so bad.

  • Carolyn

    Jilly Jean, its people like you that are ruining this thread. You are only making the so called “victims” look bad. You sound very classless.

  • Brian

    It seems like you guys are so obsessed with Nathan that you have lost sight of truth. at this point all we want to see is evidence. Facts. The statements you guy are making are not concrete without facts… You are trying to attack someone that’s not on the threads. I think that is hilarious. Shows who you really are. I need to get back to work, but it also shows who does not have a JOB. Maybe if you got a job then you wouldn’t be able to get on here and say such stupid stuff…

  • Stella W

    Its funny how all the people on here against Nathan sound the same. You all have conflicting stories and you are all probably not telling the truth… sad, sad, sad that people have to be this way. I just hope that you all have good attorneys and that you are also able to be truthful with you first. I agree with you Emily.. the only person that will benefit from this is Nathan’s attorney… especially if there is a thread of lies in this thread. I sure hope that Nathan learns a very valuable lesson in all this. I hope that he understands why licensed detox and rehabs operate the way they do. They are full of manipulators and parents that are enablers. Hopefully he will transition more and stop putting his liability at risk.

    • Donnie

      What in the hell does that have to do with this? Listen, we know who you are. Enough already. If you got something on the guy please put him in handcuffs and take him to jail. Please bring it forward. The fact is, you don’t. You cant bring anything forward so you have to try and find something to convince someone else that he is a bad person. Simply sick on your part. If you are surely a truth finder, then search for the truth with facts. Stop embarrassing yourself and your family. Grow up already.

  • Stella W

    Pathetic… We are going to let you guys continue to throw his past up. This happened over 11 years ago. Surprised its on the net, but when I looked at it, it had nothing to do with violence. It looked like a football game that was heated. I guess since no one has anything on him, we have to bring out this stuff. Its so stupid. Makes me want to throw up. Anyway, this is what happens when someone does something good in the world. People like you try and tear them down. When you have nothing, you look for something. We are still waiting. patiently. Find something of substance please. Something present.

    • Noel Jefferies

      Please throw up then. You want the fame? Then handle the scrutiny. Nathan has an excuse for anything (oops I mean his “fans”) Heated or not, using a helmet to attack a player is the act of a scumbag. I am glad its documented. Nathan the only good in you ran down your mothers leg at conception. Violent? FACT Drug Dealer? FACT Drug Addict? FACT Unlicensed “counseling”? FACT Charged with Assault? FACT Restraining Order? FACT.

      You know what is “Pathetic”? Your low standards for labeling someone “great”… This man is a coward.

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