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AGRIBUSINESS: New Farm Bill Highlights

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 900-page conference report can be a tough read but House Agriculture Chair Frank Lucas released a few highlights from the new Farm Bill, which he says is a miracle.

Farm policy reforms eliminate direct payments which are sent to farmers whether they farm or not.  Lucas said the bill also strengthens crop insurance and supports beginning farmers with training and access to capital.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reforms are the first since the welfare reforms of 1996.  The Farm Bill prohibits the USDA from recruiting and advertising SNAP.  It also will work to reduce fraud through several different means.

Additional reforms consolidate 23 conservation programs into just 13.

The congressional budget office confirmed a total of $23-billion in net cuts.


  • farmerdigger1

    If you think its so good then get out of your bubble and try it yourself, I put $700,000 of expense into the local economy to make a $66,000 profit, and that was a good year. I don’t know of to many people who would take that kind of risk for that kind of money . One weather event, little blip or mistake and you are in the red. You take a picture and that’s all you see, what is framed up nice and neat for you and you don’t see what’s beyond the border. With your gift of BS you shouldn’t have any trouble going to your banker and securing a loan for $10 million for land, another $1.5 million for machinery, and another $700,000 for operating expenses. Remember, it’s all so easy, and for collateral, tell him you get $14,000 in “welfare”. One draw back, you might actually have to do some physical work.

  • farmerdigger1

    I should have known you wouldn’t have a real response. I saw what kind of person you were this summer when you tried to use the tragic death of a young girl to further your personal agenda to save a bridge. Failed miserably, probably because people know you. Go back to your dark room where you belong.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    By the way, why do you feel you’re entitled to other people’s money when you report personal income in excess of the average income for hard working Iowans?

    Seriously troll, what makes you think you should be able to steal from the labor of others just because you and your farmer buddies got greedy and started grossly over producing to maximize the amount of welfare you can take?

    The hilarious part is, at your income level, you’re at the bottom of the pile, supporting the minority at the top, all while contributing to your own ultimate demise.

    When you’re making $10 an hour as a share cropper for ADM, are you going to demand foodstamps?

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