FIREBUG FILMED: Arsonist Caught On Video

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A suspected arsonist is caught on camera and then caught by police.

Police say the manager of an apartment building on 22nd Street in Des Moines set up a surveillance camera capturing the arsonist as he sets paper on fire in a trash can early Friday while residents slept.

Police later arrested 26-year old Devon Bradley after he was spotted hanging around by the building.

Had the fire spread, officers say, it could have blocked the entrance of the building trapping residents inside.

"Worst case scenario, death," says Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police Department. "This will be classified a first degree arson. Obviously if this had caught fire to something else, carpeting, the walls or some wood trim, it could easily spread to anywhere else in the building. A whole building full of people."

Neighbors tell us several arson fires have been set at the building in the past few months. Police are looking at whether Bradley is responsible for those too.