FARM BILL: Grassley Against House Deal

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An Iowa senator says he will vote against the Farm Bill even though it passed the U.S. House earlier this week.

Sen. Charles Grassley says the $500 billion legislation is unrealistic because of the country's $17 trillion debt.

The House voted on a five year, $956 billion Farm Bill on Wednesday. The bill will cut $8 billion from the food stamp program over the next 10 years. It cuts a $4.5 billion per year farm subsidy program that paid farmers just for planting crops.

Grassley says he'd like to see the farm program go back to its original intent.

“Currently 10 percent of the wealthiest farmers receive 70 percent of the benefit from the farm program. This puts those small and medium-sized farms and young and beginning farmers at a disadvantage. These are the very people the farm program is supposed to help,” says Grassley.

All four Iowa congressman voted in favor of the bill.

The White House says the president will sign the bill if it gets to his desk.


  • John

    Thank you senator Grassley. You are one of the few in congress that actually wants to do something about our out of control federal spending. If something isn’t done soon, our economy will collapse..

  • Bart

    you gotta read between the lines people to understand how this crook thinks & how he fools the gullible:
    Grassley doesn’t give a rats rear-end about the country’s $17 trillion debt.
    Grassley’s real contention is the $4.5 billion yearly cut to the farmer welfare gravy train.

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