SHOTS FIRED: Gunfire After Rival Basketball Game

Gunfire followed a Friday night basketball game between two crosstown rivals.

A witness told Des Moines Police she saw a Jeep with six men pull up and start yelling outside of Des Moines North after the game against Roosevelt, according to the police report.

She said they yelled ‘C-Block’ and ‘32’, both known gang-affiliated terms.  The men then fired six shots, one of which hit a 15-year-old girl in the buttocks.

Officers said several fights broke out during and after the game.  Officers did not say whether they think the fights are related to the shooting.

Des Moines Police said they do not have any suspects in the shooting at this time.

Phil Roeder of the Des Moines School District released a statement on Saturday about the overnight shooting.

“At this point, the police investigation is underway and there seems to be some uncertainty over what did or did not happen last night.  Safety at our schools is always a top priority and we’ll be cooperating with the Des Moines Police Department any way we can,” Roeder said in his statement.


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