NEGATIVE ATTENTION: Governor Chris Christie Booed At Event

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Some people are probably not enjoying the publicity the Super Bowl is bringing.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was booed while he was onstage at the Super Bowl Hand-Off Ceremony in Times Square on Saturday.

Christie is currently at the center of the Bridge-gate scandal, where his staffers were caught shutting down a busy bridge to punish a mayor who didn’t back the governor.

Christie refused to take any questions after Saturday’s Super Bowl event.


  • steve

    let’s see… the dems gave us…obamacare..bengazi…nsa…irs…fast and furious…syria…afgan….not to mention a 11% un-employment rate…….all the dems can churp about is a jersey bridge….

    • Repack Rider

      GOP gave us a trillion $ and 100,000 dead people by being wrong about the WMD. I don’t have a security clearance, but I knew Bush was lying, and so did my mom, then 83, now 93. I was one of the millions marching in the streets trying to prevent that. What did YOU do to prevent it? Or did you believe the obvious lies?

      Bush ignored the PDB in August, 2001 warning him of an impending Al Qaeda attack. Maybe you heard about what happened after he went on vacation.

      I’m an Army veteran, E-5, Honorable Discharge. I sure don’t want to hear anything negative about my patriotism.

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