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ALLEGIANT AIR: Flights To Punta Gorda Canceled

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Hundreds of passengers are questioning why Allegiant Air canceled nearly all of its flights between cold Des Moines and warm Punta Gorda, Florida.

Allegiant Air sent out an apology for the delays on Jan. 31st, claiming weather was an issue. The company is offering refunds and an additional $100-voucher for future travel.

A spokesperson with Allegiant Air said the flights were canceled due to weather. One passenger says he's not so sure and said he doesn't see why flights had to stop.

“Well I was upset. And you know, I tried to figure out why because again you know my reports from Punta Gorda was just like today clear, no problems. Just didn't make any sense to me," said customer Dennis Buffington.

On Sunday, the weather did not seem to be an issue; however some flights are still being delayed due to staff that have not made it back to the airport.


  • Margie Walsh

    On January 9th My husband ad daughter tried to fly to Punta Gorda to visit with my brother-in-law. flight originally delayed due to mechanical difficulties, next flight, same thing, next flight, cancelled, They were home in six hours. Spoke to brother-in-law last night and he told us that the police dept was called to Punta Gorda Airport due to disgruntled passengers who have been trying to get home from Fla. for up to two weeks, This is not an isolated incident, this appears to be a normal pattern with Allegiant.

  • Tracy Mullen

    I was booked on a flight from Punta Gorda to Des Moines on January 30th! What a poor excuse for an airline! The weather was only cloudy. No rain. After my friends in Ft. Myers drove me for the 30 minute trip there, we were told to go home. All Allegiant flights were canceled. The security guard was actually yelling as we were trying to go into what I would loosely call a “terminal”, telling us to “Go home and just get online to find out what to do!” Someone said one of the ticket agents said the flight was rescheduled for the next day (Friday) in the early afternoon. I received three emails or phone calls from Allegiant that day, each one with a different time for the next day’s flight. On Friday as my friends were driving me back to Punta Gorda on a partly cloudy day (fine flying weather), I received an email that the flight was a go. And 30 minutes later as we pull into the parking lot at the airport, the people milling around everywhere announce to us that all flights are once again canceled. At least a dozen sheriffs and deputies had been called in because there were several hundred people who were demanding to know what was going on. No answers were to be had. We were handed a sheet with options–the options boiled down to this–Allegiant cannot help you. Find your own way home!!! Do you know how expensive it is to buy a last-minute ticket from a resort area in the middle of winter? I got rebooked on a flight on American on Saturday at the modern Ft. Myers airport. The Punta Gorda airport is a joke. It’s more like a warehouse with a landing strip that services ONLY Allegiant flights–when it’s convenient for them to fly. How primitive! And I understand that this ordeal that I went through is common with Allegiant in Punta Gorda. I will NEVER EVER fly Allegiant again!

    • wdab

      “Fine flying weather”….I take it that you’re a pilot or ATC? There’s weather between you and your destination too.

      • jarp

        Sounds like you work for the idiot airline. My brother and my son are pilots. My son was with us. He was monitoring the ceilings on a special website. If they are using the weather excuse, then either the pilots are inept and can’t fly in IFR conditions or the aircrafts are ill equipped. So back off.

  • Ben

    I agree. I flew on January 5 and January 9, 2014. My flight down was delayed 3 hours. My flight back to DSM was delayed 8 hours until they canceled the flight. The next day the rescheduled flight was delayed for another 4 hours.

    We were told that the delays and the cancelations were due to new FAA regulations dealing with pilot flight hours. Apparently Allegiant failed to plan ahead for the changes.

    This is pure speculation, but I would not be surprised if this is still the issue and Allegiant is lying to their customers to save face.

  • CougarBlue (@Cougarblue)

    If you just have to fly Allegiant, buy an emergency ticket from Southwest from Ft Myers, in this case. The price purchased in advance is 30% or less of the walk up fare. If you get cancelled or delayed by more than 4 hours, (return) take the refund and then use your Southwest ticket bought for the next day, or later if the same day. If the return on Allegiant looks good, you cancel your Southwest reservation and get 100% credit to use on another SW flight. I know that their own employees when flying non-rev use this trick to insure they get home and keep the jobs they would lose if they couldn’t show for work. Better yet, fly with someone else when they have a sale or SW to begin with.

  • Dean

    I was cancelled twice in January. Second time I was at the airport in line.
    Extremely poor customer service. Have already purchased tickets in advance. However, after this flight, there will be no more. Back to Midway
    and Southwest where I am respected and feel safe. Alligient needs to fold
    up now.

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