ALLEGIANT AIR: Flights To Punta Gorda Canceled

Hundreds of passengers are questioning why Allegiant Air canceled nearly all of its flights between cold Des Moines and warm Punta Gorda, Florida.

Allegiant Air sent out an apology for the delays on Jan. 31st, claiming weather was an issue. The company is offering refunds and an additional $100-voucher for future travel.

A spokesperson with Allegiant Air said the flights were canceled due to weather. One passenger says he’s not so sure and said he doesn’t see why flights had to stop.

“Well I was upset. And you know, I tried to figure out why because again you know my reports from Punta Gorda was just like today clear, no problems. Just didn’t make any sense to me,” said customer Dennis Buffington.

On Sunday, the weather did not seem to be an issue; however some flights are still being delayed due to staff that have not made it back to the airport.


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