EDGY AD: A #?@! Approach To Super Bowl Advertising

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The ad featured an actor spewing bleeped out words about a new car dealership. And it stood out in a lackluster Super Bowl.

It was bit of a leap of faith.

“I was a little nervous," admitted Scott Kranz, the new general manager. "Little nervous about it.”

But way out in tiny Stuart, Iowa, Interstate Chevrolet needed an edgy ad and a big audience.

“For us," Kranz said, "it’s being a new dealership, a new facility—we needed to make a splash to get our name out there.”

The 30-second spot cost them $10,000. Half their monthly ad budget.

The Interstate guys have seen a lot of traffic on their social media sites, Monday, and they were unusually fired up for a Monday.

Not everyone likes the approach, but it is memorable and contagious.

“Sometimes you’ve got to do some things that are on the [expletive] edge to get your name out there,” Kranz said.

If the ad leads to 12 car sales, it will have been well worth it.


  • Jim

    ‘It was bit of a leap of faith.’

    I don’t think ‘Faith’ had anything to do with it

    A leap OFF faith perhaps…

    Just another sign of decline

  • joe Happe

    I sure hope that it does not result in 12 car sales–I hope it was not worth it. I did not like it and don’t think ‘edgy’ is necessary to sell cars.

  • Chris

    I enjoyed the commercial myself. If you didn’t like it that is your opinion. Should not have the commercial defy who they are as a business. It was made to get attention and it obviously worked. How many of you knew there was a Chevy dealer in Stuart? I didn’t, but now I know there is one and it’s called Interstate Chevrolet.

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