PRICE TAG: Keeping College Costs Down

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Iowa leaders want college students to check out a website they feel could save them thousands.

ROCI, which stands for Return on College Investment, offers ways for students to learn more about financial aid, save money on everyday expenses and weight whether taking out loans makes sense with the anticipated earnings they will get in their chosen career.

The Iowa Student Loan spent $100,000 on the site, according to Board Chair Christine Hensley, who is also a Des Moines Council member.

“The ROCI reality check allows students to compare various types of jobs and their associated starting salaries and the future demand and probability that they will actually get a job,” said Hensley.

Hensley said students who have gone through the site take out on average $2,000 less in loans.

Anyone can access the free website here.


  • Cybrill

    What about those of us already in repayment and likely have NO HOPE of ever being able to pay off our debt.

  • Anita

    Leave it to the larget student loan company in the state to copy programs to reduce student debt already out there for years. ROCI is a sheep in wolf clothing. Iowa Student Loan has used so many bait and switch ways to get people to use their private loans it should have been a crime over the years. Iowa Student Loan is what has caused the large student problems in Iowa currently. If you have their loans, you are stuck for life.

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