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HOT TOPIC: Bill Introduced To Legalize Fireworks

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Ottumwa Senator Mark Chelgren wants to fight fires with fireworks.

The Republican introduced a bill to legalize the sale of fireworks Monday.  All taxes collected from fireworks sales would go to local fire departments to help buy new trucks and equipment.

Fireworks were banned in Iowa in 1938 following a large fire in Spencer.  That fire was started by a sparkler – one of the few fireworks that are currently legal in Iowa.


  • William Denison

    But what about the children? Whos going to protect our babys from blowing off their fingers with a M-80? The “what about our children” argument can be made for anything. Even to legalize fireworks. So save it next time the Cannabis debate comes up.

  • William Denison

    Fireworks were banned in Iowa in 1938. FYI This was Terry Branstads first act as gov in his 2rd term. At the time he was considered for the SOA post under the President Roosevelt.

  • Jake

    It is time some body stands up to legalizing fireworks the state would make so much money off this I am a big supporter of this all the way I hope they go through with it you got my vote I say yes

  • Brandon Harris

    I say yes are we going why is that fireworks in Iowa that would bring a lot of money and to help the firefighters get new stuff for the firefighters

    • Brandon Harris

      sorry for the first comment people I meant to say yes I’ll legalize fireworks in Iowa that would be helpful for the firefighters and that would bring in a lot of money and my aunt lives out in western Nebraska and they can light off fireworks on new years eve day and night to

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