JUVENILE HOME: Current Situation ‘Not Ideal Long-Term Solution’

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Lawmakers were told Monday if the Iowa Juvenile Home isn't re-opened, it needs to be replaced and soon.

Last month the Branstad administration shut down the Toledo facility after an investigation revealed girls were being kept in isolation rooms for months at a time.

On Monday, Iowa juvenile court officials told a Senate committee that without another option, teen girls will soon be heading to adult court.

“The current placement for these children is not the ideal long-term solution. When the facility closed, our juvenile court officers took these girls back to court and the judge made decisions based on what’s our next best option,” Chief Juvenile Court Officer Marilyn Lantz told the committee.

“One of our biggest concerns,” Chief Juvenile Court Officer Tom Southard said, “is that a lack of a training school will increase the number of kids who get waived to adult court.”

A group of lawmakers and the president of the local AFSCME chapter are suing the governor to re-open the facility.


  • William Denison

    Keep the Juvenile Home closed. Crimes were committed there. If anything it only needs to be reopened as a crime screen. Why have no charges been filed against the workers there that had used torture on childern? We here in Iowa are better then this.

  • William Denison

    All these folks are worried about is getting a pay check and not the kids. If it was about the girls there why did they abuse them then?

  • Rod Drummer

    Mr. Dennison I would assume you have first hand knowledge of the alleged abuse that you speak of? Or have you simply been reading and believing everything the Des Moines Register has printed? Please do more research before making such absurd comments. And it is crime scene not crime screen as you previously stated….

    • William Denison

      Mr.Drummer You have assumed right. I have first hand knowledge of the abuse that has taken place at the home.I don’t read the Des Moines Register to far right for me.And it is Denison not Dennison as you previously stated…

  • William Denison

    Not long ago the boys home in Eldora used a whipping post to more or less flog young boys who would act up.

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