MAD MEATBALL: Metro Restaurant Hosts Super Bowl Party

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The restaurant has only been open for five months but Mad Meatball Italian Restaurant in the East Village is already known more for its pizzas than its meatballs.

To attract customers to his new pub for the Super Bowl, restaurant owner Andy Hartman sold his specialty pizzas for only $10.

“It’s pretty hard to compete with some of the bigger delivery pizza places,” Hartman said.

Only a handful of customers watched the game from the restaurant but Hartman said the biggest success of the afternoon was people ordering pizzas to go.

“We had about 30 or so and we normally have about two to five [takeouts] a day,” said Hartman.

However, Hartman said in order for his pub to be the next up and coming Super Bowl party destination spot, he wants to re-brand his restaurant.

“There’s not a big market for people that wanna watch the super bowl in an Italian restaurant as compared to a pizzeria and pub,” Hartman said.

The restaurant will begin its new phase of re-branding next month to attract more sports fans.