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ROAD RULES: Where Iowa Drivers Rank

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They’re the drivers we all try to avoid.  The ones who swerve in and out of traffic and cut off other drivers on the road.

Where are the worst drivers?

“Atlanta, Georgia.  They race with you every minute.  They come out and they think it's Nascar,” says Colorado trucker Glen Mitchell.

“Probably South Florida,” says Stephen Ford, a longtime semi driver from Texas.

Florida has some of the worst drivers according to a study by  But another southern state, Louisiana, tops the list.

“The drivers aren't too bad, just the roads are real bad.  They'll beat you up,” says Ford.

The study shows Vermont is home to the best drivers in the US.  The state has the fewest traffic deaths, tickets, drunk and careless drivers.  Iowa isn't far behind at number nine.

“I’ve been an Iowan all of my life so I'm probably a little biased, but I think Iowans are generally a little more common sense oriented,” says Steven Morain, the Executive Director of the Iowa Insurance Institute.

Iowa drivers are cashing in on that common sense.  Morain says the state has some of the lowest car insurance rates in the country.  The number and severity of car accidents are the biggest driver of rates.  The more there are, the more you pay.

“When they have an accident, they don't expect to win the lottery and get a million dollar recovery,” says Morain.

Morain says what the study really shows is that Iowa is a safe place to drive.

Fourteen-year-old Jordan Henderson could help keep it that way.  She's learning to drive with cop, Dave Kopp.

“As a trooper, you learn how to drive because you have to drive in all weather.  It doesn't matter if it's a good day, sunny skies or it's snowing and there's a blizzard outside,” says Kopp.

The retired State Trooper opened Drive With Cops in Urbandale.  At this driving school, students learn from trained law enforcement.

“You're going to learn the rules of the road so you're going to know what you can do and what you can't do so there is no excuse out there,” he says.

Part of the lesson includes time behind the wheel of a simulator.  When new drivers make mistakes, no one gets hurt.  Plus, it gives them a better handle on the wheel for when it`s time to head out on the road.

“This is the generation that is going to stop the texting , stop the road rage, stop the negativity that's out there because it's all a learned process,” says Kopp.

You don't have to look far to find bad drivers, but in Iowa, you could be sharing the road with some of the best.

Car Insurance Comparison based its rankings in part on statistics from by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Check out the complete list of rankings.


  • Susan

    SF in general is a little scary. Very narrow streets, lots of hills and LOTS of traffic. Little China has a lot of foot traffic which makes it scary. Washington DC is worse in my opinion though. With virtually no parking, the pedestrian is king and they dart out into the street throughout the entire block. I don’t think they know what a cross walk is!

  • qa

    Living in Tennessee was absolutely horrifying in terms of driving. Apparently no one knows what a turn signal is in those parts.

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