SCHOOL SHOOTING: Culprit May Have Gang Ties

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Des Moines police investigating a shooting outside a Des Moines high school Friday night say the incident may have gang ties.

The school brought in four police officers and extra staff to deal with the standing room only crowd for North’s basketball game against Roosevelt.

Around 45 minutes after the game ended, witnesses heard about a half dozen shots in the school`s parking lot.

“Obviously, it's concerning when bullets are flying,” Des Moines police sergeant Jason Halifax said. “They're going to land somewhere.  With enough folks around, clearly there's a concern that someone is going to get hit.”

Someone was hit.

One of the bullets grazed a 15 year old student from Hoover.

“She was with some cousins who she declined to identify.  This SUV pulled up and folks inside the SUV were having some words with the folks she was with fired off some shots and left,” Sgt. Halifax described.

A witness told police she heard the shooter yell “C-Block” and “32”, both known gang-affiliated terms.

While the shooting happened at North, principal Michael Vukovich and police say the girl shot and the suspected shooters have no ties to the school.

“A few people that don't have any affiliation with north making really bad choices shouldn't reflect on our community that way,” Vukovich said.

The teenage victim was released from the hospital. Police say she still isn't cooperating with their investigation.

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