STUN GUNS: More Altoona Officers To Receive Tasers

altoona police

More Altoona police officers will soon be armed with Tasers.

The department currently has four of the electric shock weapons for its patrol division but that will be increased to 14 thanks to a $10,000 grant.

The department also wants the city to provide funding for five more in this year’s budget and another five the following year.

That would mean one Taser for each full-time officer.

“You know we have special events like fireworks and parades and we’ll have all the officers working so it would be nice to equip all of them,” Altoona police detective Jason Ferguson said. “If you have 20 to 24 guys out on the street we can use that as a potential tool that maybe that officer might not otherwise have.”

Officers are required to go through re-certification training each year.

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