TRASH DAY: New Equipment For Fort Dodge

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Trash collection will run a little smoother in Fort Dodge, starting Monday.

In 2010, people living in Fort Dodge saw a price increase in trash collection. Since then, the city has built up more than a million dollars in reserves.

It was used to buy two new trash collection trucks and new containers. With the automated arm, each truck just needs one person to operate instead of two.

For customers, recycling now becomes a whole lot easier.

“Residents will co-mingle all their recyclables into one container. Before they had to separate their cans, bottles, and paper for collection, now they can put it into one container. It makes it a whole lot easier for everybody to participate in recycling,” says Greg Koch, Public Works Director.

Fort Dodge Public Works can now operate with fewer employees. Open positions have not been filled to make the gradual adjustment to the new system.


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