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BUSINESS BOOM: Snow Is A Welcome Sight

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There are some people who are happy to see this snow.

They say as the white stuff adds up, so does the green in their pockets.

The weather is fickle here in Iowa, and this year's winter has been anything but normal.

“The winter's been a little slow, but it`s been nice having the brief snows, where we`re getting two inches of snow it`s better than not getting anything at all,” says owner of Ultimate Lawn Services Dave Voyna.

Voyna  says in the winter he depends on snow removal to keep his business going and this year's been a challenge.

“It`s a little rougher with not a lot of snow  but we take advantage of the snow we do get, it`s hard to tell in Iowa what we`re going to get,” says Voyna.

When the snow does come, his crews know they're in for a long night.

The team will work clearing properties 24 hours straight, but that's exactly the kind of night they've been missing this winter.

“We`re excited to get out and take care of the customers and make some money,” says Voyna.

City plows are also out in full force.  Des Moines has 80 units out clearing the 220 miles of snow routes across the city.

“We will continue on those routes to get this traffic home tonight and we`ll see what we get for an accumulation tonight, we`ll continue on the routes until probably tomorrow morning if it continues to snow,” says Des Moines Public Works Director Pat Kozitza.

Kozitza also agrees this winter has been interesting.

“We haven`t had those big storms, 8, 6, 9 inch storms, but we`re still at about 26 inches of snow this year and 34 is our average,” says Kozitza.

No matter if its city plows or private companies, the snowfall means it's sure to be a busy night for crews across the metro.

For some that’s great news.

“It`s good to see snowflakes flying,” says Voyna.

Des Moines Public Works Crews will be focusing on the main streets in order to get everyone home safely Tuesday evening.

Once the snow stops falling that's when crews will start plowing residential areas, which is also when the parking ban goes into effect.

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