OWNER CHARGED: Starving Pit Bull Eats Other Dog

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A Des Moines man faces criminal charges in a disturbing case of animal cruelty.  Police found two Pitbulls severely underweight and one of them was already dead.

Callie survived and loves all the attention he's getting as he’s nursed back to health at the Animal Rescue League.  Animal Control found him January 23rd about 20 pounds underweight.  They say the dog was so hungry that he ate part of a female Pit Bull.

“I know what people are thinking ‘cuz I was thinking the very same thing the day that I seen it.  I was thinking, ‘How could this happen?’” asks owner Barry Adair.

Adair says he was at work when Callie attacked his other dog, Pebbles.  But he isn’t trying to make excuses.

“They're my dogs.  They were my responsibility.  I depended on my children to do something that they didn't do.  I'm not blaming them.  I'm blaming myself,” says Adair.

Adair says his two Pit Bulls had food and shared a heated dog house.  He claims he isn`t trying to hide anything.  He's the one who called police.

“To see what we saw, it was pretty horrible for the officer,” says Josh Colvin with the ARL’s Animal Care and Control.

Colvin says there is no excuse for animal neglect.

“That's why charges were filed.  It's the owners responsibility period,” he says.

In the nearly two weeks since coming to the ARL, Callie has gained nearly a pound a day with regular feeding.

“We’re still seeing some ribs here so this dog could definitely put on some more weight,” says Colvin.

Adair’s court date is set for later this month. He's charged with animal neglect.

“I just made some mistakes and it will never happen again,” he says.

The ARL is waiting for Callie to gain more weight before beginning an assessment that will help them determine if he can be placed for adoption.


  • Mario Lanza

    Dogs showing signs of LONG TERM malnutrition, thus something going on for a sustained, not short, period. This is no one-day one-off. Excuse rings really hollow considering the suffering of the dogs over a sustained period.

  • Lorrie Culp

    As Josh Colvin said, “It’s the owner’s responsibility. Period”. It’s not his kids’ responsibility; however old they are. This person should be held accountable and have the stiffest penalties thrown at him. This is despicable.

  • Kathy Urich

    Animal abusers should be prosecuted. Dogs are pack animals, when you take on a dog you become part of the pack. Having a dog(s) that are kept isolated in a dog house, or tied out doors all the time is abusive. If your not going to have them living in you’re home don’t own a dog(s). Animals are not an after thought.

  • Holly Egg

    “I just made some mistakes and it will never happen again” Yeah, right. Did he say same thing that about all of the money mistakes he’s made year after year after year? Check out his records on Iowa Courts Online. This bozo has a TON of judgements against him from banks and other money lenders. He clearly doesn’t think he has to hold up his end of a contract he makes with anyone–person or animal.

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