PHOTO GALLERY: February Snow

Posted on: 2:49 pm, February 4, 2014, by , updated on: 12:17pm, February 17, 2014

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  • Threw out some bird feed and the squirrel left the corn and came down to help himself to it.

  • Granddaughter showing hail from this morning

  • After the snow passed Granger, Buddy and Missy had to go out and play in it. This was taken during break time. I call this photo "Color in Black and White"

  • Colleen Mehlberg- Three inches here in Ames!

  • Beth and Amber say HELLO from Marshalltown.

  • Cindi Avitt

  • Zoey our American bulldog living it up in the snow. Cindi Avitt

  • Michelle Mullica and her smashed bunny

  • A close up of a snow flake from this mornings storm taken by Wil Abeling, a junior at West Des Moines Valley High School . With West Des Moines Community Schools having a snow day today, I went outside to practice for Mrs DeVries Photography class that I'm taking at Valley. I used an extension tube and a reverse 50mm lens for this shot. I'm hoping Mrs DeVries will give me extra credit if I can get this published on air!

  • Wil Abeling A closeup of a snow flake from this mornings storm. I used an extension tube and then reversed a 50mm lens to get this macro shot of the snow flake.

  • Sawyere Checking snow totals outside Tracy, Iowa

  • Taken in backyard - Urbandale.

  • This is a wild Tom Turkey wanting to be fed that was pecking at his Sliding Glass Patio Door

  • Aubree having fun playing in the snow at home in Colfax

  • snowy face - at feeder Mark Shiels - Lacona

  • Playing with her fire hose frisbee, the only toy I can find in the snow and not lose.

  • Marsha Haney, Melbourne

  • Our horses don't seem to mind the new snow!

  • Enjoying the snow in Urbandale!

  • Self explanatory

  • Having fun in the snow.

  • Tony Castelline

  • Olive by Lindsey Kail Wortmann

  • Mia by Devin Jones

  • Mason and Laney by Lacey Warnick

  • Jackson, Grant, Drew, Finn, Cooper, and Kade love the snow in Grinnell says Heidi Campbell

  • Colene Chebuhar

  • Carol Keithley west of Boone

  • Bailey by Amanda Scharf Kuhn

  • Allison, 4, by mom Amanda Scharf Kuhn

  • Rhonda Fothergill

  • David Hannum

  • Christi Olson

  • Angie Kufner of Des Moines

  • Desiree Zeman in Gilman

  • Tammie Kosgei

  • Jesse Schwartztrauber

  • Sarah Houseman

  • Katy Dearinger

  • Katy Dearinger

  • Jessi Neilsen

  • Heidi Mertz northwest of Mitchellville

  • Heidi Mertz northwest of Mitchellville

  • Heidi Campbell in Grinnell

  • David Suter in Newton

  • Chelsea Achenbach

  • Autumn Rose in Knoxville

  • Snowing in Prairie City at 8 a.m.--Melissa Swihart

  • Taken in Marshalltown at 9:05 a.m. this morning. Renaie Hutzel

  • Ames

  • Jesse Schwartztrauber of Des Moines. My daughter walking into school this morning.

  • Snowing in Prairie City at 8 a.m.--Melissa Swihart

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