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SHAW’S IN: Pledges Not To Stay In D.C. Long

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Monte Shaw, the executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, joined the Republican field to run for the retiring Third District Congressman Tom Latham's seat Tuesday.

Shaw doesn't want to make a career of the job, "I have worked in D.C. a couple of other times. I want to do what I did there which is go there, get the job done and come home."

Shaw is married and has two young children. He said he will work to reduce federal government spending to reduce the burden his children will have to pay off the country's debt.

Shaw also promised to be a candidate with more than just one-liners. He said, "Enthusiasm and bumper sticker slogans have their place. We all like those. But we've got to have some depth. We've got to have someone with the skill set to not just throw out a punchline but to back it up with knowledge and be able to bring people together."

Shaw faces fellow Republicans Matt Schultz, Brad Zaun, David Young and Robert Cramer in the June primary.

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