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The Iowa Department of Transportation is warning drivers about dangerous driving conditions across the state.

Roads have become slick because of light snow and heavier snow is expected throughout the day. The afternoon commute is expected to be trying for motorists. The DOT says areas south of Interstate 80 will be most affected.

Strong winds later in the day and into the night will also cause visibility problems.

Drivers are encouraged to have a winter survival kit packed in their vehicle and make sure they have a charged cell phone with them in case of emergencies. They have a list of tips for drivers if they get stranded:

  1. Pull as far off the road as possible to avoid getting hit by other vehicles.
  2. Turn on your vehicle’s warning/flashing lights.
  3. Tie a brightly colored cloth on your vehicle’s antenna to attract attention.
  4. Call 911 for emergency assistance. Guide emergency personnel to your location by observing any exit numbers, mileposts, crossroads, or landmarks.
  5. Remain with your vehicle. Your vehicle provides the shelter necessary to survive and allows you to be found by rescue personnel.
  6. Remain calm and be patient. It may take considerable time for someone to reach your vehicle during a storm.
  7. Run your vehicle’s engine and heater about 10 minutes every hour, depending upon the amount of gas in the tank.
  8. Crack a window in the vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide build-up.
  9. Clear away any snow from the vehicle’s tailpipe so the exhaust can escape.
  10. Use the resources in your winter survival kit.

You can check road conditions here.