FRAUD RAID: Victim Is Former Ankeny Officer

There’s new information Thursday after an Ankeny police SWAT team burst into a home to investigate an alleged credit card theft.

On Wednesday, Ankeny’s police chief explained why he felt it was necessary to have a SWAT-style raid on a Des Moines home on a search warrant related to a stolen credit card.

He said one of the people named in the warrant, 35-year old Richard Adair, has a history of drug use and was staying in a home where another person had a legal handgun. The chief argues, that made Adair a threat, even though Adair has no violent criminal history for more than ten years.

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“I’m worried less about violent history as I do about the fact that people on methamphetamine are not real predictable,” Chief Gary Mikulec said.

Here’s what the chief did not say in the press conference – the victim of the credit card theft is a former Ankeny police officer who now teaches at the Iowa law enforcement academy.

Curtis Pote, who worked as an officer with the Ankeny police department for 12-years, called his former colleagues when his wife’s wallet was stolen. Pote, who didn’t want to go on camera, says he does not believe his case was given any special treatment because he is a former Ankeny officer.

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In another development in this story, Justin Ross, the disabled veteran who lived in the home, has been charged with possession of narcotics with the intent to deliver. Ross’s attorney, who did not want to go on camera, says any drugs found in the home were not his clients, and questions why police did not arrest Ross immediately when the drugs were found.

We reached out to the judge who signed the warrant.  She did not want to comment. Generally, judges do not have a say in how warrants are executed.


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