VICIOUS DOG: NY Attorney To Represent Pit Bull

The attorney for a West Des Moines pit bull says he intends to save it from being euthanized.

For the last few weeks we’ve been bringing you the case of Killer. The dog is accused of biting three people in the last nine months.

Last week the West Des Moines city council voted to have killer put down. But a New York-based attorney is coming to Killer’s defense.

Richard Rosenthal is co-founder of the Lexus Project. The group comes to the defense of dogs across the country that are facing a death penalty.

Rosenthal tells us he is working for the dog not its owners.

“There’s no question the owners were negligent in this case. This is a situation where dogs shouldn’t pay for the owner’s negligence,” Rosenthal told Channel 13.

Rosenthal says there is a gray area in the law when it comes to the constitutional rights of animals.

He says he will use the same defense that has saved the lives of 103 of the 105 dogs he has defended.

He wants Killer to be sent to a rescue group far away from his owners.


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