AGRIBUSINESS: Grassley’s Farm Bill Provisions Nullified

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Farm Bill payment limitations was one provision Senator Chuck Grassley tried to push through the Farm Bill this past year.

The provision would limit payments to wealthy farmers and would save nearly $400 million, according to Grassley.  The measure had bipartisan support in the House and Senate but couldn’t make it through the conference committee.  While Grassley’s provision is in the final Farm Bill, additional legislation essentially nullified its purpose.

Grassley said this is one of the reasons he did not vote for the Farm Bill.

Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley voted yes on the House side.  Braley said he agreed with Grassley’s provisions but thought sacrifices were needed to pass the Farm Bill.

“I have supported Senator Grassley’s efforts to provide reasonable direct payment limitations in the past and I continue to support them,” Braley said.

“But a Farm Bill conference committee has many competing interests in it,” Braley said.

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