BUILDING DESTROYED: Fort Dodge Gas Station Fire

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A Fort Dodge convenience store is a total loss following a fire that started Thursday night.

Fire crews were called to the Ampride at 3243 5th Avenue South just before 11:00 p.m. When firefighters arrived they found flames coming out of the roof in the rear of the building. The roof and a wall collapsed while crews worked to put out the fire.

Firefighters were also able to keep a 1,000 gallon kerosene tank that was just five feet from the burning building from catching fire. They set up a hose to continually pour water on the tank.

Fort Dodge Fire Chief Kent Hulett says firefighters had to be rotated in and out from working the fire because of the extremely cold temperatures. Crews were finally able to leave the scene around 9:00 Friday morning.

No one was inside at the time of the fire and the cause is still being investigated.


  • John Richardson

    Glad no one was hurt. But it’s Ft. Dodge, if the insurance company is smart they’ll bring in their own investigators and conduct an independent investigation. You just can’t trust anyone in authority in that town, they still call it little Chicago because it’s as corrupt as Chicago, not to mention the buckle of the Midwest meth belt.

  • Sarah

    John, we have lived in Fort Dodge for 34 years; have six kids whom all graduated FD Senior High and all earned college degrees! I have discovered persons offering up the label of Little Chicago as a FD ‘synonym’, are indeed the members of a ‘certain type of mentality’, of which you may now announce your membership! An example; I CAN prove Fort Dodge is a lovely, growing community, governed by an exemplary Mayor and council; and protected by honest, caring and thoughtful police! How can you prove your point, John? The year is 2014, not the 60’s!!!

  • John Richardson

    The term Little Chicago was termed by the authorities many years ago and it stuck because so did the drug trafficking and corruption. I believe an employee of a local paper was the one who called it the buckle of the Midwest meth belt.

    Fort Dodge is a racist community who ruling elite is taking millions from the working class and spending it to re-segregate the town racially and economically and cater specifically to the upper middle class and above.

    That’s why they put the new middle school on the new white end of town so all the other people, you know the poor and minorities have to go clear across town to get to their school while the rich white kids are just a matter minutes away.

    And apparently they only want certain kinds of white people in their shiny new neighborhoods, because I have first hand knowledge of a family being harassed by police based on frivolous complaints from neighbors who simply don’t want “their kind” in their shiny plastic kingdom.

    Your police? Let’s review their history. Letting drunk offers drive away from accidents, cops raping women getting a hand slap, cops beating their wives being treated with kid gloves.

    And honey, be honest, Fort Dodge is only thriving as long as the welfare keeps flowing. Your ethanol plant depends on everyone else in the state being forced to subsidize it. By the way, what about all the shootings and assaults in Fort Dodge, how safe is it again?

    Fort Dodge is run by people who think they’re still high school playing the same childish clique games. And it’s the honest working class who pays the price for your childishness.

    I really liked the fools you made of yourselves over the casino. That was priceless. That was the second time you blew a chunk of the tax payers money, at least the first one got a vacant lot created after putting a man off his property.

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