CAR VANDALIZED: Woman Targeted 4 Times

A Des Moines woman says vandals have destroyed her car four times in the past year and the damage is escalating.

Repairing smashed windows and slashed tires cost Jessica Fisher nearly $2,000 the first time.

The third time it happened, Fisher just taped up the empty windows and only replaced the front ones for safety.

Without much left to break, Fisher hoped it was over.  But then on Tuesday police woke Fisher up 2 a.m. to say her car was on fire.

Des Moines police believe this is personal because of the extent of the damage and the fact that it keeps happening. Fisher says, “Every time they come out here they pretty much assume it`s him. They`ve told us that he is their number one suspect.”

Police suspect Fisher`s ex-boyfriend is responsible, but they say there`s not much they can do about it. Sergeant Jason Halifax says, “You may have good motive to be causing crimes. But without physical evidence or a solid witness, it`s difficult to follow up.”

Halifax says they rarely find enough physical evidence to make an arrest for vandalism, and fires often destroy what little evidence is there.

“There`s not much at this point we can do so I’m just hoping that we can get it out there and hopefully somebody saw something,” Fisher says.

She ended the relationship nearly two years ago. She hopes it doesn’t take that long for the vandalism to end.

Police say they haven’t talked to the suspect. We tried calling him through his last listed number, but have not heard back from him.

Fisher’s family is offering a reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.


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