GAS TAX: Group Spreads Message Through Billboards

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Billboards are going up across the state to send a message to lawmakers.

The Iowa Good Roads Association is behind the $100,000 campaign.

The signs will go up in 18 Iowa communities including Des Moines, Adel, Knoxville, Greenfield and Pella.

The group is pushing legislation going through the Iowa House that would raise the gas tax by 10-cents over the next three years. That money would be used to fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

Attempts to pass similar legislation have failed at the Statehouse in the past several years.


  • William Denison

    This is got Braindeads name all over it. Hes always wanted to raise the gas tax in hoping the monkeys will buy his cheaper gas made of corn.Then he can tell the Fed the ethanol program works and keep milking that cow. Downside is ya got to make the poor pay more for gas first.Its kinda like breaking them down so they have no choice. Terrys and his backers don’t even want to attach his name to this poorly thought out scam during a election year.

  • Cody Payton

    How about charging the electric car people instead of giving them free charging stations? The electric cars use the roads also.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    If they wish to raise taxes then they to eliminate all exemptions as well so that everyone pays it regardless of who they are.

    It’s also time to raise taxes on alcohol sales, since the cost of alcohol abuse to Iowa tax payers is about twice what they take in for revenue on it. Instead of forcing the tax payers to subsidize alcohol abuse, they can use that money for roads.

    Instead forcing the tax payers to pay for the prosecution of cannabis users, both recreational and medical, they can look at the $1.25 million in revenue Colorado took in it’s first month of legal sales, and then tell Baudler and his hypocritical bunch of retentive fools to shut up.

    But instead, of course, they wish to exempt certain business owners, and continue to siphon money to developers, and pass the cost on people who might just not have it to give anymore because hey look at that, all those new jobs, what have materialized lately don’t seem pay nearly as much as the jobs we lost.

    Since corporate welfare results in Walmart jobs, best to invest that money in things like roads.

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