MAKING MUSIC: ISU Students Building Guitars

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This week some Iowa State University students are learning to make music -- in the wood shop.

Chris Martin's wood design class at Iowa State University now includes a professional electric guitar maker.

Peter Malinoski from Maryland is the artist in residence at ISU this week.

“I've had students now and again that expressed interest in making them…acoustic guitars often,” says Chris Martin, ISU Design Instructor.

It’s more than just woodworking though.

Malinoski is also demonstrating how to put frets in the neck of the guitar. He's building the whole instrument in one week and several students plan to build a guitar for a class project.

The students see it is an art that can also be a business.

“I do it full time. Everything is pretty much through the inner web and I sell internationally. I make maybe 35-40 a year,” says Malinoski.

The newly built guitar will be featured in a recital at noon Friday at the Design Center atrium at ISU.

The public is welcome.